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Minimum qualifications for drivers?

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  • Minimum qualifications for drivers?

    Would anyone be too upset if there was a rule that required prospective IRL drivers to have at least a year experience in sprints, midgets or supers with two or more wins? With an alternative for our road racing friends, a year in Lights, IPS, Atlantic with two or more wins and at least one win in a major sprint, midget or super race.
    Of course this is not likely to happen, but I would be for it.
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    That would basically eliminate any chance of an Stock Car or Sports Car or F1 driver from entering an IRL race. I say no way on those requirements.
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      I dont see how sprints or midgets is in any way relevant to running an IRL car.


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        Why don't you call it 25/8 and be done with it! :mad:

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          Any such requirements would be based purely on nostalgia as sprints and midgets became irrelevant to Indy Car racing once ground effects became the norm. The average fan should know at least that much. Super Mods have some relevancy so if there was any type of short track, open-wheel machine out there that holds some merit as a decent training ground for the IRL, it's in one of those earth-shattering monsters. But even there, some rear-engine seat time is a must.

          That's why I like this Infinit Pro-Series concept. A guy running Supers out at Madera can master turning a whole lot of horsepower left in close proximity to other mosters with big fat tires then transition or simultaneously run some Infinit Pro.

          I don't mean to take anything away from Sprints or Midgets. But it's reality. I remember my midget ride. I could barely fit into the **** thing and I recall learning quickly that finessing horsepower to weight ratio in close quarters and getting a feel for car control was about all that one could get out of that form of racing that could be applied to single-seater formulae. But one can get the same dman thing in single-seater formulae too. So, that being said, Sprints and Midgets serve two purposes: (1) a wonderful continuation of a a classic form of American motorsports and (2) great seated-bolt upright on the steering wheel front-engine experience for a an eventual transition to hard tops.

          Supers...I'd say there a chance. Personally, I never have had the bojangles to race one of those alien racebeasts. My IRL hat is off to those awesome talents who do.
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