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A Season flipped upside down! St Pete Pick 5 Picks go here! Deadline 2PM EST Oct 24

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  • A Season flipped upside down! St Pete Pick 5 Picks go here! Deadline 2PM EST Oct 24

    Back from whence we came! Indycar returns to finish the season where they tried to start it! Let's hope we get a race this time!

    Here is a reminder of the rules!

    The TrackForum NTTDICS Pick 5 is open to any TF member or friend, or anyone who can get their picks posted here in time. Please, human beings only. Your picks must be posted by 2PM EST Saturday October 24, 2020. If for some reason you can't post them, then please PM them to me prior to the aforementioned deadline. Posts/PMs time stamped after the deadline don't make it...no exceptions!*

    Points will be tallied, and we will crown a season champ. Prizes are TBA, but are sure to include much admiration and the respect of millions. As soon as the first race is complete, the Official TF Pick 5 Standings Page will be updated, and you will be able to view race to race results as well as current point standings.

    As a refresher, and for all the new folks, here's how it works. . . Predict who will finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th (5 different drivers) as well as the pole winner and the driver leading the most laps. Anybody is welcome to play. In addition, you may post picks for others (friends, family, pets, etc.) in one post, but please clearly identify whose picks are whose.

    Scoring is as follows:

    correct pole position - 1 point

    correct lap leader - 1 point

    correct 1st place - 5 points

    correct 2nd place - 4 points

    correct 3rd place - 3 points

    correct 4th place - 2 points

    correct 5th place - 1 point

    Points are awarded only if the driver finishes at or above the position you picked him. If the driver finishes lower than you picked him, you get no points.

    In other words, if you pick Max Chilton to finish 3rd and he finishes 1st, you get 3 points for 3rd place (where you picked him). If he finishes 4th, you get 0 points.

    If two drivers lead an equal number of laps, more than any other drivers, you get points if you picked either one. Pole points are awarded only when timed qualifications occur. No pole points will be awarded when qualifications are cancelled.

    Your pick is for the driver, not "whoever is driving #7 this weekend" or such entries. Please be clear as to your driver choice. If your pick isn't specific enough, it is not eligible for points. Don't take chances -- use first and last names when in doubt...not obscure nicknames or first names only! I had to disqualify a pick of simply "Ed" too many times last year for oval races, don't be that gal or guy! It is you who is responsible for your pick. Don't blame anybody else if you mess it up or neglect to correct your picks!

    Picks close at above listed time and date. Picks posted after that time will not be accepted...no exceptions will be made unless there are special considerations**. These will be judged solely by the Pick 5 Commissioner. Decisions of the P5C are final, and are always correct even when you don't think so***. This is being posted more than a week in advance of the race, so, no excuses...don't be locked out!

    In event of a dispute over scoring/disqualification of picks, notify the Pick 5 Commissioner. All decisions made by the P5C are final. Protests must be accompanied by the standard nonrefundable $500 protest fee, along with tickets for three Paddock Penthouse seats and bronze badges for this year's 500.

    Good luck, Godspeed, and thanks for playing!

    * unless I feel nice that day, bribes in beer are not against the rules.

    ** validity determined by yours truly

    *** I'm never wrong, except when I am

  • #2
    Pole: Power
    Laps: Power
    1. Power
    2. Newgarden
    3. McLaughlin
    4. Dixon
    5. O'Ward
    "The last I looked, I earned the label of Indy 500 champion; those lobbing unfounded accusations at me have not." - Eddie Cheever Jr.


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      Good thread title senorsoupe.


      • #4
        P: Power
        L: Rossi
        1: Rossi
        2: Dixon
        3: Newgarden
        4: Herta
        5: O'Ward

        "I love Indianapolis. I love the people. I love everything about it....the tradition, the history." - Dan Wheldon


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          Originally posted by goner View Post
          Good thread title senorsoupe.
          Thanks! I wanted to reference the line from the Fresh Prince theme song by going with "My Season was flip turned upside down" but there is a character limit for thread titles and I need to get the critical info in there!


          • #6
            Pole: Newgarden
            Laps: Rahal

            1. Dixon
            2. Herta
            3. Newgarden
            4. Rahal
            5. Power


            • #7
              Pole: Power
              Laps: Power

              1 Power
              2 Rossi
              3 Newgarden
              4 Herta
              5 Dixon


              • #8
                1 - Newgarden
                2- Power
                3- Dixon
                4- Hunter-Reay
                5- Pagenaud

                Pole and Laps - Newgarden


                • #9
                  Pole: Power
                  Laps: Newgarden
                  1. Newgarden
                  2. Rossi
                  3. Rahal
                  4. Herta
                  5. O'Ward


                  • #10
                    Pole: W. Power

                    Laps: J. Newgarden

                    1. A. Rossi

                    2. G. Rahal

                    3. C. Herta

                    4. R. Hunter-reay

                    5. S. Pagenaud
                    Keeping You Alert Since 12-01-2000!


                    • #11
                      Pole: Herta
                      Laps: Newgarden

                      1. Newgarden
                      2. Herta
                      3. Power
                      4. Rossi
                      5. Dixon
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                      • #12
                        Pole: Rosenqvist
                        Laps: Rosenqvist
                        1. Rosenqvist
                        2. Newgarden
                        3. Herta
                        4. Rossi
                        5. O'Ward

                        2020 Champion: Newgarden
                        "Some say he once took two pieces of fire, to create a single piece of wood... And that he too is now officially listed as an endangered species..."


                        • #13
                          P: Will Power
                          L: Josef Newgarden

                          1: Josef Newgarden
                          2: Scott Dixon
                          3: Will Power
                          4. Colton Herta
                          5. Alexander Rossi
                          Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Keenest of them all?


                          • #14
                            Pole - Josef Newgarden
                            Laps - Josef Newgarden

                            1. Josef Newgarden
                            2. Colton Herta
                            3. Graham Rahal
                            4. Alexander Rossi
                            5. Ryan Hunter-Reay
                            I'll see YOU at the races!


                            • #15
                              Pole: Herta
                              Laps: Power
                              1st: Power
                              2nd: Rossi
                              3rd: Dixon
                              4th: Newgarden
                              5th: O'Ward


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