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Pit Row / Gasoline Alley for Indianapolis GP

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  • Pit Row / Gasoline Alley for Indianapolis GP


    As Mentioned by the guy on the Indycar Scoop Webcast last night on Facebook

    With a Triple-Header of XFinity / Cup Series / Indycar on the 4th of July, this got me thinking.

    With Xfinity having 38-40 Entries
    With Cup having 40 Entries,

    That is already 80 Garages occupied by that series. There are typically 96 Gasoline Alley Garages (and some of those are used as tech buildings / extra storage.

    With Indycar having 28 Entries (or close to) for the GP
    We might see the return of the old F1 Garages for the Indycar Teams. That would be the only other area where you could put cars. I understand on Carb Day, the Indy Lights Series uses these garages for their cars as well.

    Could we see the return of the extra pit lane for Indycar on July 4th? I have included pictures to show what I'm talking about.

    It would be tideous to keeping taking pit boxes back and forth for (3) different series.
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    It was announced a little while back that IndyCar teams would be utilizing the F1 garages. NASCAR teams would be in the Gasoline Alley garages.

    For that past several years, the top teams in Cup were using the F1 garages on BY400 weekend. During practice they'd drive straight out the south end and onto the track.

    Note that the Pit Terrace bleachers will not be in place. That opens up that space a lot. In addition, with no fans in attendance, the walkway behind the F1 garages can and will likely be utilized as a "hot" area.

    They won't/can't set up the original "F1 style" pit lane because it requires the removal of the pit wall (F1 doesn't use a pit wall, NASCAR and IndyCar require it), it eats up into the road course segment that now runs though the infield of turn one (the "Snake Pit section"), and it doesn't really allow them to use the entire length of the pit road. Plus it would be a lot of work (removing the catch fence, etc) all for what...a weekend with no fans. I think they just want to get through it.


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