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IndyCar Windscreen Test at IMS - Oct 2

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  • IndyCar Windscreen Test at IMS - Oct 2

    Do we have any more news on the scheduled windscreen test for Wednesday, October 2? Does anyone know the schedule for the day? I was hoping to get out there, but I'm giving an exam on Friday, so of course, students want to meet with me in the afternoon.
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    Welcome back, by the way
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      Looking forward to seeing the fully built out car on track tomorrow. Supposed to be a hot one in Indy, so the issue of driver cooling will be put to the test right away
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        First pic

        All Roads Lead to Indy...


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          It looks like they have continued the "anti-fly" wicker from the nose all the way up the windscreen. Also visible (behind the windscreen) is the beefy central support for the halo structure.

          Thanks for posting the photo.
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            More spots for advertising signage...nice.

            To me the haloscreen looks a lot better (more aircraft-like) than the F-1 setup without the windshield.

            If this works out, you'll see the F-1 guys putting it on, and since the design comes from Dead Bull, claiming ownership all along.
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              Well I will wander out there tomorrow and see what is going on.

              They are really lucky with the weather. October and still nearing 90s. Should prove some valuable testing, a lot more valuable then the usual late fall testing. Usually the summer heat has broke by now.

              Should be more May like out there.

              If someone has time when they are running for tomorrow, that would be awesome.
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                I found this. Says 9am to 5pm.
                Silly Season scorecard and Where are the Indy 500 winning cars!


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                  I guess you can get used to most anything, but from the photo it appears driver vision just has to be at least somewhat impaired. Maybe that’s not the case, I just don’t see it (pun intended). We’ll see what the feedback is from those who will know best.


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                    This will be interesting
                    Some fans claim one series or another runs "real race cars." What's everybody else running, fake race cars? :confused:

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                      I'll be out there as well. The test will run from 9-5 but both Dixon and Power will be meeting with the media at 3 PM and may not go back out after that if they have all of their boxes checked. The heat could play a role too, but it will probably be busiest from 10-12 or so. They are planning to make separate runs, and then also run in tandem to see how it does in turbulent air.
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                        I worry about vision/distortion as well. I hope it works out because I think it’s an awesome concept.

                        Still wouldn't be be shocked if we see IndyCar running just the halo portion next season.


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                          It looks like the windscreen is laid back more than in the original renderings. Looks better if that’s the case.


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                            After seeing this thing I’m now worried about when a fire gets into the cockpit and the rescue workers trying to get in there to unbuckle. This has disaster written all over it
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                              Originally posted by CLUB 33 View Post
                              It looks like the windscreen is laid back more than in the original renderings. Looks better if that’s the case.
                              It is the same angle.
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