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Your 2019 TrackForum Pick 5 Season Champ is...

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  • Your 2019 TrackForum Pick 5 Season Champ is...

    Well, first...

    ...many thanks to all of the nice folk who decided to play our game, if even for just one or two races it's really nice that so many people keep picking throughout the year! I also thank you for your patience with the delays in posting results in the second half of the season, it has been a busy summer and my wife has had some health challenges so I have not had as much free time as I would like, she is on the mend so hopefully next season I will be more on top of things!

    Anyways, on to what you are waiting for, here is the winners podium. No ties on the podium this year but the title race was really close!

    In third place with 102 points is...


    Many congratulations, have a beer on you!

    In second place, with 104 points!


    Well done, your mystery box prize will (or will not) arrive in 4-6 weeks

    And finally, the 2019 champion, the Josef Newgarden of Pick 5 who held off a big chasing pack to finish with 107 points is...


    Please congratulate our champion as enthusiastically as you want! Please feel free to pick up your favourite racing book from the IMS gift shop for yourself! I don't have any spares I want to part with!

    This is it for 2019, I hope everyone had a good time with our little game, the full standings will be on the standings thread that will stay sticky for a little while. Rest up your brains because I'll be back with more bad puns and names of random donut shops in the spring time

    Till we meet again (in terms of pick 5, I'll totally be around trackforum)

    Tom Rowell
    TrackForum Pick 5 Commisioner 2018-

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    Congrats to our champ Preacher, all those who played and to you Tom for running this
    On to 2020!!!

    Will Schilling
    RIP Dan Wheldon :(

    "Anybody who says the IndyCar Series is not the best championship in the world is a complete idiot in my book." ~Dan Wheldon

    "It's a discussion board, not a society ball." ~Skypigeon


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        Heading off to Disney World.


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          MY Hearty Congratulations preacher!!! As a past champion I will tell you, it is a life changing experience!!! Enjoy!!
          Is it May yet?
          Take me back to a world gone away-James Pankow


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            Senorsoupe, Than you so much for having all of us. It is a pleasure to have you in charge. You picked up right where the World Famous Jamski left off. Thanks to both of you!!
            Is it May yet?
            Take me back to a world gone away-James Pankow


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              The invitation to appear on Letterman just came in too. Thanks Senorsoupe for your work on this. It is fun to play.


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