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A Very Good Boy on a Baby Borg

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  • A Very Good Boy on a Baby Borg

    I'm not even a dog person but I love this. Norman is indeed a very good boy.

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    That is ace
    if I won the 500 (in my dream life) and they put my cat on there with me I’d be over the moon. I absolutely love it it. You’d never see something like that in F1. These little things are what makes Indycar so cool
    Memories of Indy 2012:
    ZUL8TR: "I'm sorry Joel, are we keeping you?"

    abc -
    Your home for Indycar on Network TV, where race commentary is delivered as if reading the lunch menu in a rest home. God bless you Marty, Eddy, and Scott, there are few as soporific as you.


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      Here's a working link to the article:
      "I would really like to go to NASCAR. I really enjoy NASCAR and if I could be there in a couple of years that's where I'd want to be." - Jeff Gordon (after testing a Formula Super Vee)


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        My wife really enjoyed this. Our dog is a doppelganger for Norman so my wife has always had an eye out for Simon/Norman news, so this was a pretty big hit in our house.


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