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Is the Hulman Terrace Club worth it?

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  • Is the Hulman Terrace Club worth it?

    I'm curious for those of you who have purchased tickets or were lucky enough to visit the HTC if you think it is worth the money? I know mileage varies, but would you give up sitting in other seats for this experience? I'm an Indy local who gets out to the track as much as possible. Currently have seats available in B Penthouse which are just "ok" (darn obstruction). I'm not looking to trade them, I'll hold on to the B Penthouse, but I would sit in the HTC if I decide to purchase them. Would the far North end or South end be preferable and why? Top row or front row, closest to the track?

    A little information. I already have Silver Badges and Pit Passes for race and non-race days. Looking at seats in HTC in the front row, far North end.

    Any insight, thoughts, stories, pictures are welcomed to help me make a decision.

    Thanks TF dudes!
    "These boys on the track ask no quarter and they give none. If they succeed, they're a hero and if they fail, they tried." -Sid Collins

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