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OT - Smiley Crash Deleted?

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  • OT - Smiley Crash Deleted?

    What part of the user agreement did that violate? I'm not saying it didn't - I just don't know. Or was it removed for being in bad taste?

    It is the truth and it is part of Indy 500 history.

    That accident has been cussed and discussed at length here. Many members have not seen it. For that reason, I think it was appropriate, graphic as it was. I can understand how some would be disturbed by it, but if someone didn't want to view it, they simply had to keep from opening the link.
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    I agree manson. It happened 20 years ago.

    some fans it seems just can't handle the ugly truth.

    I 'd often heard how gruesome and shocking the accident was. to me, what was most gruesome and shocking was how incredibly unsafe the cars were.

    and I don't personally believe that indycar safety in terms of chassis design, became the priority it needed to be until 1997.
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      We've discussed this incident before at TF. There are many with horrible memories of that incident. Others have different objections to the speculations which surround it. It's best left alone. Discuss it in private please.

      FWIW - doitagain deleted it before I got the chance.
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