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From the Track - Idle St. Louie Ramblings

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  • From the Track - Idle St. Louie Ramblings

    Much bigger race atmosphere than last year. The club race feel of 2001 was gone.

    Just a few Cart logos this year compared to a huge number last year.

    Several red 2001 IRL hats indicating a big returning crowd (except Ovals Rule - who was gaining brownie points for Chicagoland)

    Even more 2002 blue IRL hats showing new interest.

    More importantly, a noticable abundance of IRL Team hats. In order of popularity Red Bull, Penske, Panther, Sarah, plus lots of Sarah tshirts.

    CART crowd polo shirts, IRL crowd TShirts

    Penske Trailer had several IRL items for sale. Hats and miscellaneous Penske Items offered with IRL logo. They were not reduced so I'd expect they'll be back next year. Nice Helio shirt with "I climbed the Fence with Helio at Indy, AGAIN" logos.

    Not much NASCAR stuff, except lots of #3 everywhere.

    Crowd was good for IPS maybe the best of the season, better than fontana

    Sat in Turn 1 , Turn one stands completely full, as you worked backed toward the starting line the first ten rows were sparce, but seemed much bigger than last year (I am sure JoeBob and friends will set me straight though from their armchairs).

    Lots of Mrs. Gators, but I may need to wait a few years to stay clear of the law

    Barron was on rails passing on the high side, actually a lot of high side passing at both ends.

    Followed a high dollared Benz home with License HG 1, (I would have thought Tony would have flown, except there was a tall dark haired man driving - Wrencher had a heck of a time keeping up ).

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    Natural Born Cynic

    What irks me (maybe its too soon for the truth), DW was a 16-oval WIN specialist, yet the vast majority those boohooing for him, hardcarders & fans, alike are the same ones trying to kill anything with more than 9 deg banking & 4 corners, where Dan ultimately made his home...

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    Looked to me as strong a crowd as last year. I agree that the stands in turn one appeared to have more people. Believe the Martina McBride concert was a big draw. I actually saw people showing up mid race... probably folks who came for the concert.

    Finally.... I saw something I have not seen before at an IRL race: A large group of people obviously there to pull for a specific team.

    I guess if that materializes into a fight in the stands between the Penske-ites and Cheever-fans, we're well on the way (just kidding).


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      How about a fight in the stands between the Cheever-Cheever fans and the Cheever-Schecter fans?


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        I talked with a friend on Saturday who works in the marketing/promotions dept. for Gateway. She said at first they were a bit concerned, but in the last few weeks ticket sales had really picked up and they were real pleased. I told her I thought the Martina concert probably really helped...she said not really.

        btw - they are very enthusiastic about having the Busch race on Saturday, May 10 next year...a open weekend on the Cup schedule
        "...American open-wheel racing is based around the most famous oval track in the world -- the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So how in the world does it make sense to center the majority of the IndyCar Series on street courses, road courses and foreign events?..." Terry Blount, ESPN


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          I'm guessing it might be baseball fans spending there money elsewhere. Local news reported STL ticket sales for games after the 30th had dropped to nothing over the last few weeks. My assumption would be people chose another form of pleasure(IRL).
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            I don't think the concert helped much. Lots of people started leaving the concert (and I mean lots) before it was over.


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