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12 threads about the quiter...none about the winner

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  • 12 threads about the quiter...none about the winner

    threads about poor tv coverage the foyt team and nobody tp say congrats to the winner
    what the h*ll are you talking about sam !!!! bobby unser

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    I hate to say it....(well my mom did)...but the race and coverage was about as exciting as PPIR.......

    Hooray for Gil! And despite me being akin to a smarta*s, I do mean three cheers for Gil -- I know I could never do the job he or other drivers do!
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      Congratulations Gil and Team Penske! That operation is the greatest in Indy Car history. Go Penske


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        Originally posted by ray_harroun:
        <STRONG>threads about poor tv coverage the foyt team and nobody tp say congrats to the winner </STRONG>
        What about my thread?
        IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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          Ok Ok I started my thread as soon as I saw the title of yours.
          IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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            Congrats to Gil, and Team Penske! It was a much better race than I had anticipated.

            I was glad to see Robbie Buhl up front again. Undoubtedly his best run since the first 25 laps at Indy!
            Have a very blessed day!


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              personally I was disappointed alex baron didn't win.
              I don't get excited when team penske wins.

              It's a brand new day.


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                c'mon nitro, where's your pom-poms dude?


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                  [QUOTE]Originally posted by nitrofan:
                  [QB]personally I was disappointed alex baron didn't win.
                  I don't get excited when team penske wins."

                  Yeah, Baron and Blair is one of the year's best success stories. I was pulling hard for them. Gil drove a beautiful race, but Alex would have had it had he not lost it on the restart. Even Penske went out of his way to complement him.

                  But, then again, that's how competitive the IRL is, one little mistake and you lose the race and drop to third.

                  I love it when someone gives the Penskes a bad time. not because I don't like Penske, because I worked for him for one race, which we won. It was the daytona 24hours in 1969 and I was responsible for fetching donuts and cleaning helmets. I was 12 years old and right in the middle of it. Penske was a real champ to let me hang out and absorb it all.
                  It was such an experience. As a child, it was like riding with Santa Claus.

                  I love guys to give Penske a bad time because roger is the benchmark everywhere he goes, and if the IRL teams can make him work for it, it shows the league is making real progress.

                  all in all, I'de say this race deserves a 90% because the circuit didn't lend itself to two groove racing and all the wheel to wheel stuff we have become so spoiled on. having followed this as a religion for 40 years, i have waited almost my entire life for racing this good. The newer fans probably think it has always been this way, but I assure you it was never even close to this before the IRL. Never.
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                    I've always been a fan of Barron's and have followed Blaire since I saw them turn a wheel for the first time on a cold day at Putnam Park.

                    Fact of the matter is though that Penske's boys were in fuel conservation mode when Alex was looking so strong. Even without his cold tire miscalculation on the restart he wasn't going to hold off the Panzers today once they went to full race mode.

                    He sure did make some exciting passes though.

                    Oh, congrats to the Captain and his latest mercenaries...
                    "Living well is the best revenge"

                    George Herbert


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                      I really enjoyed the race. I knew it would be pretty tough, and that pass by Barron was worth the price of admission. Too bad he didn't win. Penske wins another in the pits...
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