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  • tell us the truth teamcheever

    what the heck really happened with sheckter.


    if he gets back in a red bull car this year, they 've lost a fan.

    because it will mean this whole thing was a prearranged pr stunt and they just yanked our chain this weekend.

    or, they are going to let him get away with going awol

    either way , it's the last red bull i ever buy if that guy runs for teamcheever again.

    tell me it's none of my business and they will get no more of mine.
    It's a brand new day.

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    I have a feeling we'll probably have to wait for the book to come out.

    Legal issues I'm sure will delay the real story. Everything else we'll hear will be spin for awhile.


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      Originally posted by nitrofan:
      <STRONG>if he gets back in a red bull car this year, they 've lost a fan.</STRONG>
      Why does everything have to be so black and white?
      "The problem with internet quotes and statistics is that often times, they're wrongfully believed to be real." - Abraham Lincoln


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        I don't like being bullxxxxxed that's why.

        if it's because they don't have the money to buy a new chassis for tomas with the # he's broken then say so.

        this whole think makes the team and the driver look stupid and unprofessional.

        put yourself in a t.s fans shoes.

        let's say you spend money on a t.s. hat.


        buy tix, go the race, then get fed this line of xxxx about why he's not racing.


        you wonder why nascar kicks open'wheels butt, here's one of your answers.

        they guys the rookie of the year points leader.

        imagine this happening during tony stewarts rookie year in nascar.

        yeah right.

        yes life is not all black and white but it is right or wrong. there could be good reasons tomas didn't race.

        if we knew of one maybe we'd forgive him/them.

        this happened to me at the gatornats this year.

        big fan of al hofmann.

        watched him win the race in 97 then get taked to the hospital instead of victory lane after one of the scariest crashes I've ever seen.

        so every year, I hope he wins again. well this year he got fired/quit/who knows during qualifying.

        it sucks . continuity. building a fan base.
        hear that said before?

        there 's no grey area here. have some respect for your fans. or don't.
        It's a brand new day.


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          If he gets back in the car, it may be that he is being held to his contract, less a certain percentage for not participating in this race today. It wouldn't necessarily mean the whole affair was a ruse.


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            Originally posted by nitrofan:
            <STRONG>put yourself in a t.s fans shoes.
            I'm sure both of them are quite upset.
            "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."

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              Originally posted by MichaelP:

              I'm sure both of them are quite upset.</STRONG>
              "I love the smell of fresh cut wood, to see its veins or grain, to touch and shape it into something new and soft (or Ruff) for a gift to be loved and appreciated by someone..."

              -Richard Kearney


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                Deep breath, nitro, DEEP BREATH!
                Have a very blessed day!


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                  ok fine.

                  any driver can miss any race at the last minute no big deal.

                  take a deep breath. that 's what the doctor says when I go see him once a year.

                  then he sticks something ah nevermind.
                  It's a brand new day.


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                    Eddie/Mike Radio said on the radio that Tomas' contract is not with Cheever. Said it was so complicated I (Eddie) might not ever figure it out.

                    So many angles, a geometry professor must figure this one out.
                    Natural Born Cynic

                    What irks me (maybe its too soon for the truth), DW was a 16-oval WIN specialist, yet the vast majority those boohooing for him, hardcarders & fans, alike are the same ones trying to kill anything with more than 9 deg banking & 4 corners, where Dan ultimately made his home...


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                      I've always been interested in the details of Tomas's contract. Just seeing who's names are on it might be interesting.

                      Whatever, what I found amazing was that the boy spent Friday and Saturday, and maybe today for all I know, playing golf at the Brickyard Crossing.
                      "Living well is the best revenge"

                      George Herbert


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                        Full disclosure: I don't work at Team Cheever, so all of this is second hand, but it's from multiple sources - I believe it.

                        Tomas is sheduled to test with the team next week in Chicago. They expect him to show up, and they expect him to race for RBTC in Chicago.
                        Eddie is pretty hard-headed, and Tomas is a young punk who has never needed to grow up. So yep, they go head to head on a regular basis. Doesn't mean there is no respect there.
                        And Eddie doesn't have the final say in most matters these days. It's his name on the team, but Walkinshaw has more control. I don't believe Eddie could fire Tomas if he wanted to - he would have to persuade Red Bull/TWR to agree to it.


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                          well that's pretty sickening.

                          hardest track the drivers work all year and he skips it.

                          we need a gremilin for a raspberry
                          It's a brand new day.


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                            It is noted that Baby Tommy's car that was "unsafe" started in the rear today and finished 4th...finished! And with all 4 wheels still attached! I admit to not knowing anything about car stuff but the fact that this "unsafe" car finished 4th says alot to me.

                            I would LOVE to see Tomas go to CART. I'll even offer to pack his bags for him!

                            In Memory of Brian Hall (Brian's Wish) - Racing for Kids - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

                            Cheever's still "My Guy"

                            "How's this for a political platform? Don't lie or cover-up!"


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                              in defense of the unsafe point, a rebuilt tub may not hold up as well in an accident.

                              how many other irl drivers go out in rebuilt tubs?
                              It's a brand new day.


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