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The other half of the field

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  • The other half of the field

    Lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth going on so far this off season about all the ride buyers coming into the IRL. I'll agree, it isn't a great developement, and I hope that Camking is correct when he says 2003 will be better in that respect.

    Having said that, and in making an assumption here (that many will disagree with) lets look at the other half of the field...

    My assumption is that Penske will NOT run away with the year. He's going to be tough, no doubt at all, but I think with the IRL's rules he is not going to be able to engineer himself as much of an advantage as he often could in the other series when things going his way.

    With that assumption in mind how can anyone take away from the talent in the front of the field?

    Salazar and Beechler have and could run up towards the front on any given day.

    Boat-- who knows, but showed a lot of potential.

    Ray and Sharp will be competeing with the Captain easily

    Lazier (s) will be right up there.

    Hornish, too

    Cheever will have his share of strong runs as will Buhl with the inifinity I think.

    Add Penske's two cars to the mix as well.

    Every race should have about 6 or 8 guys all right with eachother on the track. Plus every now and then you'll have some mid-packer put on a good run and make it interesting as well.

    Outside of when they lap the ride buyers, who is going to be paying any attention to them once the season starts?

    I'm choosing, for this year, to pay more attention to the good parts of the IRL. I think the competition is going to be even tighter in the top 10 spots at any given race this year and that is going to be a real fun show to watch.

    15 races, and two of them within a three hour drive! WooHOO.

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    If you do what you've always done...

    you'll get what you've always gotten.


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      Thanks Silvercrown, for a reasonable, interesting, original and IRL centered post.

      carl s
      Indio, CA
      Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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        Where Penske will likely have an advantage is in the areas of strategy and pit work.Too many IRL teams have been getting by with sloppy pit work and have exhibited bad strategy,or worse,no strategy at all.I don't think this is due to a lack of talent,but rather a lack of experience.CART teams have to tee it up about 20 times a year against crack competition.The IRL has had too many short seasons.

        The Penske boys won't run away on the track,but they may have a big advantage in the pits.The longer season will help knock the ring rust off the IRL regulars and I'm hoping that they'll take a good look at how Penske does things.It's time to raise your game,guys!
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