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How many fans here follow both series

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  • How many fans here follow both series

    I for one follow almost every form of racing on the planet. Some of my favourites include, (not in any particular order) F1, Champcar, IRL, WRC and V8Supercar. **** , if it goes fast, I'll watch it. That includes boats, ski's and bobsleigh's!.

    Please tell me I am not alone anymore. It seams now to be a CART fans means you have to hate the IRL, and vice versa. I'll admit it, I prefer CART to IRL,. But there are still plenty of things I think the IRL got right (downforce and NA engines for one). I still hope they manage to combine the best of the two.

    How many other people here just like to watch racing. Wether it be oval or road, open wheel or closed, 2.65l turbo or 3.5L NA.

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    Real race fans not only enjoy the on-track products of the IRL and the Troy-based series, but everything else out there in the world.

    Life is too short not to enjoy it all.

    Some of us, however, have preferences.
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      As with most people my time is limited. I do limit my viewing to open wheel competition and have narrowed my selections to ovals and road courses. The two being the IRL and F1 The best in each category IMO. I lost interest in C**t around 1999.


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        I watch both Series...

        The IRL is the best racing on the planet...

        And the way the Diamondbacks won was a great moment in sports.


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          "Real race fans not only enjoy the on-track products of the IRL and the Troy-based series, but everything else out there in the world."


          Defender you hit the nail on the head, I watch just about every racing series out there with maybe the exception of Rally cars and if they are on I'll watch that over a lot of other things. Of course I prefer the IRL, NASCAR, and any Sprint/Midget races.

          Is it May yet ?


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            I like them all!!!

            But because I do have a life to live I pretty much only follow IRL, CART, F1 and some Nascar and Nascar Trucks.

            After all.....................I have to get outside sometimes!


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              Originally posted by indyracer56:
              <STRONG>After all.....................I have to get outside sometimes!

              That's why they build grandstands.


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                According to my wife I would watch lawn tractors if they would race them.....

                And I have. Both on TV and in person. have to admit the natural terrain road course on grass is my preference over the dirt ovals. Shocking but true.

                Yes, I am a racing fan first and foremost and will watch just about anything. I do have preferences like any normal person though. They seem to be centered around cars without fenders going in circles.
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                  Originally posted by gofastturnleft:
                  <STRONG>According to my wife I would watch lawn tractors if they would race them.....
                  Uhhhh, what's wrong with Lawn Mower Racing? You see how old some of those guys are?

                  I watch them all, but only go to the IRL races. If I had more $$$$ to spend at the track, I'd go to more IRL races.

                  We're adding the Indy500 this year; the first time since 1969 and can't wait.

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                    Yep I watch BOTH series, WC and the IRL.

                    Oh, you want to know about CART, well I watch that also.
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                      My passion is the IRL. I watch as many F1 races as I can and I watched selected CART races. Oh, I watch the NASCAR restrictor plate races so I can see the big crash.
                      Is it May yet?
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                        I watch/attend more IRL races than any other series. I use to watch CART when they ran at Michigan and Fontana (so I guess I won't have to watch them at all this year.) If I want to see non-oval racing I'll watch F-1 every once in a while.

                        A couple years ago I would watch every NASCAR lap they would run, but after last year I will probably only watch the Daytona 500 and a couple others.

                        IMO, the best racing out there is the IRL, any sprint/midget race and finally the Nascar Trucks.


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                          I watch both!


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                            After watching taped replays of a tractor pull from Bristol last night I guess you could say I like all forms of motorsport, either that or I have no life I even watched five hours of the Barrett-Jackson car auction from Scottsdale last night proving that i need to get a life Man was that Yenko Camaro purrty!
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                              I follow both series...sometimes I tape the CART races and lose the desire to watch them once I have heard the results. I am not a big road course fan, except in WC which is about the only WC races that hold my attention.

                              On a side note, one of my customers had me wire him a couple hundred G's so he could go play at that auction Dog. I can't wait to see if he got something.

                              [ January 19, 2002: Message edited by: starrcam ]


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