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Does Anyone Know When IRL 2 Day Starts?

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  • Does Anyone Know When IRL 2 Day Starts?

    I went to our partner's web page, but oddly, they did not have the broadcast or its time listed. I guess they were too busy having NASCAR as the lead story (wow...it looks like the WWF broke out last night) and the other 3 or 4 lead page stories about the series they no longer cover to which they are sending not one, but two of their on air 'talent.'

    Oddly, there was only one obvious story that mentioned the IRL, and no; i.e., nada; i.e., zip coverage about today's upcoming IRL race.

    Oddly, there is no promotion on SpeedCenter for the big race, either.

    Anyway...thanks for the programming information.

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    Here's an update: I saw about 3 seconds of an IRL promo on ESPN. Unfortunately, they stuck in the no-man's land known as 'the affiliate break.' That's where local cable operators can insert their own commercials. Ours did.

    But I've seen at least six '25,000th SportsCenter' promos in regular slots.
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      Does Anyone Know When IRL 2 Day Starts?

      RMP 2 Day is on at 11:30 and IRL2Day immediatly follows at 12:00 pm that is of course MI time.....


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        FWIW Defender, I listened to RPMNow on the radio yesterday morning and there was no discussion of Gateway. I know this is taped on Friday, but that is still no excuse. I usually try not to criticize RPM2Night, but I
        was very dissappointed this week. :mad:
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          Defender,are you getting the feeling that the IRL post INDY 500 is not that important to ABC now?

          If you are in biz,you should know if you have the advertisers,then a show on the IRL is possible. With Honda and Toyata next year that might be possible........no wait......Honda and Toyota was in Cart and it didn't happen.......well unless you were willing to stay up to the wee hours of the morning.

          My suggestion to you is you might want to drop Speed/Fox a line about an IRL show. With ESPN getting more programing next year(NHL and NBA)finding a time slot for such a show would be impossible.......Speed has the time slots and they could even slip the show behind one of the NASCAR shows(that are gaining viewers and growing fast,no matter how many homes Speed is in compared to the mouse).

          Wow,this makes too much sense. An Oval IRL series show following a Oval(for the most part)Nascar show..........The only problem is that Tony will have to open his wallet for the production.......And while he's add it,he needs to inquire how much Fox will charge to produce the races.....Again,makes too much sense.


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            Speed Channel did a reasonably good job of covering not only the Scheckter defection but also the Gateway qualifying. Even had a short bite from Gil where he talked about dialing in the car and how thrilled he was to "just nail it" eventually.

            Didn't a lot of the guys who made ESPN a good motorsports network in the past go to Speed Channel? Maybe there aren't that many race fans at ESPN- doesn't fit their culture. Maybe they're more into ogling stick-n-ballers with big contracts and behavioral problems.

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              To answer your question Defender, my DTV menu says that RPM2Day is on at 11:30 EDT with IndyRacing2Day to follow at 12:00 noon. The IRL race starts at 3:00 PM on ESPN, not ESPN2 or ABC (these are all EDT times). Hope that helps? I've got the "Timer" set on my DTV and have had for a couple of days already. You know I'm not going to miss it. As far as that "other series" starting time. I don't know and I don't care!

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              But that's just my opinion!


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                You make a really good point on this one, Defender. I would have thought that IndyRacing.com would list the "IRL Today" time, just like CART.com provides the full Speedvision schedule. After all, both sites have no other programming to promote. I can see why you're puzzled.

                I did understand your concern properly didn't I?


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                  Again .. this is what happened when the IRL took the "golden check" from the Mouse network.

                  Same coverage (crappy a that) that the Mouse has given us all for the past 7 years. I dont understand why you act so surprised.

                  ABC paid the money for the Indy 500, they just dont care about the rest of the baggage that came with it.


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                    And its still light years better than the niche channel that carries your favorite spec series.

                    157,000 households?

                    Bwaaa haaa haaa!!!

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