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What about combining efforts?

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  • What about combining efforts?

    Why don't we see more of the maybe teams combining efforts. There are a lot of have "somes" that could combine efforts with another have "some" and put on a pretty good effort.

    I know this has been done before but a few of them were done cause one of the parties wanted out of racing.

    Just an idea
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    In a word-- EGO!!!!

    Most of these guys want to be the chief. And we all know what happens when a team has too many chiefs and not enough Indians.
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      Looks to me like 310 has combined with Cunningham! Shissy, who must have a Dallara or two, will probably hook up with someone, maybe Beck.

      [ January 18, 2002: Message edited by: Mackie ]


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        It's been done before. Unfortunately, the result has often been taking two mid-pack teams and creating one really awful team. Then they disband at the end of the season...
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          The thing is, the place everybody seems to be suffering is in the decal dept. Drivers, crews, and equipment can be found. It's them stickers that are hard to come by. If a team has enough $ for stickers, they'll find the rest needed to go racing.
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