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How about Vitor!

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  • How about Vitor!

    Qualifying 4th on a 'driver's track', in his 2nd ever oval race? Wow! Maybe we aren't as smart as team Menard after all. LOL

    Let's see what happens tomorrow. But, since this is a track where the driver can actually do something more then stay falt all the way around, I see this as a great result for the rookie!

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    I was there for Rnd two Practice and qualifying. He looked impressive. Going fast around that track isn't easy.
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      Miera pulled one out of the hat, for sure. If he can keep it up, I will be a believer. Granted, that is a pretty good car, but he still had to petal it around. He could be better than we thought. I was initially against him coming here, but he has said good things about the IRL and kept if off the wall, so I say let's see how he does tomorrow.
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        Okay, take your pick:

        1) You can't stop Vitor, you can only hope to contain him.

        2) It's Vitor's world, we're just visiting.

        And please, above all else, remain humble in Vitor's presence. We have Defender for the rest.


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          Originally posted by Doc Austin:
          <STRONG>...he still had to petal it around.</STRONG>
          If he continues to be good at petaling maybe the team could snag FTD or Conroys as a sponsor!
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