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2002 Silly Season - version 8.4

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  • 2002 Silly Season - version 8.4

    New additions are marked by a bullet.


    #2 - Jaques Lazier - Menard
    #3 - Helio Castroneves - Penske
    #4 - Sam Hornish, Jr. - Panther
    #6 - Gil deFerran - Penske
    #7 - Greg Ray - Kelley
    #8 - Scott Sharp - Kelly[*] #11 - Eliseo Salazar - Foyt
    #12 - Buzz Calkins - Bradley
    #14 - Donnie Beechler - Foyt[*] #15 - Sarah Fisher - Walker
    #21? - Felipe Giaffone - Nunn
    #24 - Robbie Buhl - D & R
    #51 - Eddie Cheever, Jr. - Cheever
    #52 - TBA - Cheever
    #91 - Buddy Lazier - Hemelgarn
    #98? - Billy Boat - C/A/B
    #99 - Anthony Lazarro - Schmidt
    #? - Alex Barron - Blair

    SET-IN-WET-CEMENT - (Still some questions)
    #34? - Laurent Redon - Conquest
    #55 - Rocky Moran, Jr. - Cunningham
    #? - George Mack - 310
    #37 - John deVries - Brayton

    #23 - Paul Jasper - Giles
    #? - ? - Satellite
    #92 - Chris Menninga - Metro/Hemelgarn
    Robby McGehee - Cahill

    Al Unser, Jr. - Galles
    Racing Professionals
    A few others I'm not at liberty to mention.

    Now for the big list. Notations in parentheses denote which version of the list this entry was last updated. (Sorry, can't remember the dates!)



    [*] Arciero - Max Papis is now with Sigma. No word on what that would mean to the Arciero/Maserati rumors. . .

    (8.0) Beck Motorsports - Looks more and more like Shiggy will be running for Beck with Epson sponsorship.

    (8.3) Blair - Alex Barron will drive and the move to the IRL is now official.

    Blueprint - Likely done for good.

    Bradley - Buzz Calkins in the #12. The family business will continue to fund the team unless other sponsorship is found. Still trying to decide between the Chevy and Infiniti.

    (8.3) Brayton - Announced John deVries as driver and Pit Bull Energy Drink as primary sponsor (in a 5-year deal), so provided the driver passes the rookie test, Brayton is ready to roll.

    Byrd - Nothing new here, but could run a few races in 2002, possibly like the Classmates.com deal from 2001.
    [*][*] Cahill - Funding problems, but it looks like McGehee and Cahill will be ready for Cahill, according to TSL.
    [*] Cheever - Eddie in the #51 with sponsorship from Red Bull. Possibilities are Jeff Ward, Buddy Rice, Dan Wheldon, and Tomas Scheckter. A third car is possible for Indy.

    Conquest - Nothing official yet, but rumors have them back with Laurent Redon as the driver once again.

    Coulson - No new info.

    (8.1) Cunningham - Team has announced that Rocky Moran, Jr. will drive for them in 2002.

    Curb/Agajanian/Boat - Curb on the sidepods (as of now) and Billy Boat behind the wheel.
    [*] Dreyer & Reinbold - Buhl in the #24. Team Purex continues through '02. According to TrackSide Live, D & R will run a second car at Indy and maybe other races also. No word on a second driver.
    [*] Foyt - Everything still points to Donnie Beechler in the Harrah's #14. Salazar will drive the #11 with the Bank of Chile sponsoring.

    (8.3) Galles - Apparently Rick is done. Or is he? Nobody knows for sure.

    (8.3) Ganassi - If nothing else, TCGR will be at least at Indy in '02 with two cars. TCGR could field a team for more IRL races pre-Indy. Kenny Breck is all but guaranteed to be in a Target car at the Brickyard. Bruno Junquiera will be back again. And a great rumor could put Davey Hamilton in a third TCGR car at the Brickyard. And don't forget that Stewart fellow. . .

    Giles - Paul Jasper will drive the #23 in 2002. No word on sponsorship yet.

    Granatelli/ECR - Rumor on Revlimiter.com that this team will surface in 2002, possibly as a two car team. No further word.

    Hemelgarn - Buddy in the #91. Coors Light will be back. I haven't heard about Tae Bo or Delta or any of the others.

    Heritage - Lots of conflicting info here. It appears that the team is done for, but Mecom & company are actively looking to run Danica Patrick in the support series in '02.

    (7.3) Immke - Team is working on some interesting things for '02 and beyond.

    Indy Regency - Will run Atlantics this year, but plan on showing up for Indy for a one off. No word on whether Cory Witherill will be back in this entry.

    Kelley - Now we know -- Scott Sharp in the #8 and Greg Ray in the #7. The Delphi deal will continue for Sharp, but look for a new sponsor on Ray's ride.

    (8.0) Logan - Has hired a driving coach for 2002. No other info.

    McCormack - Nothing new.

    (8.1) Menard - It's Jaques Lazier in the #2 with Menard (or a deal through Menard) on the side. Also Robbie Gordon will be back to run Indy.

    Metro - Chris Meninnga is trying to secure full-season funding for the #92. He has three races (including Indy) pretty well locked up. Other rumors have this ride in jeopardy. . .

    Mo Nunn - Felipe Giaffone and Hollywood end up here for a full 2002 season. Also Mo will have Tony Kanaan at Indy.

    Nienhouse - No new info.

    (8.3) Panther - IRL Champion, Sam Hornish, Jr. will be back in the #4 Pennzoil car. Public speculation centers around Airton Dare in a second Panther machine. There is no deal signed as yet.

    (7.3) PDM - Reorganization has been announced and PDM looks ready to go racing. AMVETS is already on board as an associate sponsor. Aaron & AJ Fike ran in the car recently, but they were not official tests and are not being considered for the seat at this time.

    (7.3) Penske - It's official. Gil deFerran and Helio Castroneves will pilot Marlboro Team Penske for the full IRL season.

    Racing Professional - Jon Herb's organization may continue into 2002. No new info.

    Satellite - Start-up team looking to begin in 2002. Jimmy Kite could be driving if he is available. No sponsor announced yet.
    [*] Schmidt - Anthony Lazarro has signed a multi-year deal to drive the #99. The team will run as a satellite operation from Treadway.

    (8.1) Simon - Interesting rumor of Dick Simon having a sponsor and wanting to go racing in 2002. Nothing confirmed.
    [*] 310 - Reports of an effort for shifter-cart driver George Mack from this California outfit. Mack has passed a rookie test and awaits Barnhart's approval.
    [*] Treadway - The Treadway situation is never simply. As of now, it is rumored that Rick Treadway will get a full-time ride, and that Arie Luyendyk will run at least Fontana & Indy.

    (8.1) Triple C - Mentioned by Curt Cavin in the Indy Star. No other info.

    Truscelli - No new info, but Joe is still trying to get racing again.

    Walker - Sarah Fisher will be back in 2002, but no word on sidepod decals.

    (8.3) X-treme - Team X is done.

    Zali - It's hard to tell with this team. Billy Roe should have first dibs.



    CART at Indy - Much speculation here!

    (8.1) Dale Coyne - Will Dale show up at Indy and maybe Fontana? Martin Basso will drive.
    [*] Fernandez - Fernandez will likeyl try Indy himself.

    (7.3) Green - Dario & Paul may make Indy if Barry Green can find a sponsor. Michael should return in the Motorola car.

    (7.3) Herdez Bettenhausen - Doubtful at Indy. Mario Dominguez has the CART ride.

    Newman/Haas - Unsure on the liklihood of these guys returning to Indy. Fittipaldi & daMatta are the probables for the seats.
    [*] Pac West - Talk of Scott Dixon getting a shot at Indy this year.

    Player's/Forsythe - Indy status unknown for Carpentier and Tagliani.

    Rahal - Jimmy Vassar back at Indy again in the Rahal Miller car. Look for a second entry at Indy as well, but who knows who the driver may be!




    Didier Andre - Andre is apparenly out at Galles, despite a late season comeback. Likely, Didier has the Sony/Playstation 2 sponsorship committment and could turn up somewhere in a second car.

    (8.3) Alex Barron - Alex is in the Blair seat and running the IRL in 2002!

    Donnie Beechler - Confirmed to drive for Foyt in 2002. Look for announcement soon.

    Chris Bingham - No new info.

    Mark Blundell - Rumors of Blundell starting his own IRL team for Indy. We'll see. . .

    Billy Boat - Back in the cockpit as majority owner of Curb/Agajanian/Boat Racing.

    (8.3) Raul Boesel - No new info.

    Robbie Buhl - Back in the Purex #24 for 2002.

    Buzz Calkins - Buzz in the Bradley #12 in 2002.

    Tyce Carlson - No new info.

    (7.3) Helio Castroneves - Driving for Penske and Marlboro in all IRL races in 2002.

    Eddie Cheever - Look for Eddie back in the #51.
    [*] Wally Dallenbach, Jr. - Looks doubtful that Wally will drive anywhere unless an Indy one-off develops.
    [*] Airton Dare - Now officially ride shopping. Best rumor would put him in a second Panther car, but other teams are interested as well.

    Dave Darland - No new IRL info.

    Derek Davidson - No new info.

    (7.3) Gil deFerran - Driving for Penske and Marlboro in all IRL races in 2002.

    (8.3) John deVries - Formula Holden driver moving up to run for Brayton in the 2002 IRL season.

    Doug Didero - No new info.

    Mark Dismore - Dismore is on the short list of a number of teams, but nothing definite at this point.

    David Donohue - No new info.

    Jay Drake - No new info on an IRL ride.

    Dan Drinan - No new info.

    Tony Elliot - No new info.

    Wim Eyckmans - No new info.

    Aaron Fike - Ran rookie test at Atlanta. More likely to run the IRIPS than the IRL in 2002.

    A. J. Fike - Also ran rookie test at Atlanta. Also more likely to run the IRIPS than the IRL in 2002.

    Sarah Fisher - Back with Walker for 2002.

    Felipe Giaffone - Felipe & Hollywood move from Treadway to Mo Nunn for 2002.

    (8.2) Memo Gidley - Lost out on the Ganassi CART seat. No new rumors.
    [*] Scott Goodyear - Now a broadcaster. Probably no more Indy racing for Scott.

    Marco Greco - No new info.

    Stephan Gregoire - No new info.

    Roberto Guerrero - No new info.

    Jim Guthrie - No new info.

    (8.3) Davey Hamilton - Cool rumor would have Davey as a Ganassi test driver for the new Toyota in 2002, and getting an Indy ride in the process. Nothing confirmed.

    Shiggy Hattori - Free agency for Shiggy from the best information. Epson would continue with him whereever he ends up, possibly with Beck.
    [*] Ritchie Hearn - No new info.

    Jon Herb - Best bet is seeing Jon continue on with this team.
    [*] Johnny Herbert - Most interesting rumor would be Herbert with a G-force factory team. Still claims to have a deal to run Indy.
    [*] Bryan Herta - To ALMS! Rumored for an Indy run with a Panoz G-Force factory team, but that's all speculation right now.

    Tracy Hines - No new info.

    John Hollansworth - No new info.

    Sam Hornish, Jr. - Looks to be locked into the Panther machine for 2002 and 2003.

    Paul Jasper - Chosen to drive for Giles in 2002.

    Ronnie Johncox - No new info.

    Davy Jones - No new info.

    P. J. Jones - No new info.
    [*] Kasey Kahne - Driving BGN for Robert Yates.

    Jimmy Kite - Mentioned in connection with the Satellite Motorsports ride among others.

    (8.3) Steve Knapp - No new info.

    (8.1) Anthony Lazarro - Will drive for Sam Schmidt in the #99.

    Buddy Lazier - Back with Hemelgarn in the #91 again.

    Jaques Lazier - Under contract to Menard for 2002.

    (8.0) Jason Leffler - Now a truck driver. Spending the season in CTS. Possibly still an Indy one-off, though.
    [*] Arie Luyendyk - Arie should be in a Treadway car for Indy, and perhaps also at Fontana & Michigan too.
    [*]George Mack - Named to drive for 310 Motorsports for 2002 IRL schedule. Has passed the rookie test, but still awaits final approval to run.

    Scott Mayer - No new info.

    Casey Mears - Running BGN next season.

    Chris Menninga - Chris says he's got three races (including Indy) about sewn up. Now he's working on the rest of the IRL schedule.
    [*][*] Robby McGehee - Now looks like Robby and Cahill may be able to be ready for Homestead after all, according to TrasckSide Live.

    Andy Michner - No new info.

    John Paul, Jr. - No new info.

    Greg Ray - Ray will race in the #7 for Kelley Racing next season.

    Laurent Redon - Association with Conquest could continue into 2002.
    [*] Troy Regier - No new info.

    Tony Renna - No new info.
    [*] Buddy Rice - Will test again with Cheever next week. Considered the front runner for the #52 ride.

    Billy Roe - Will have Zail ride if it continues and Billy decides to take it. Wants to start his own team.
    [*] Eliseo Salazar - Officially named to drive Foyt's #11 with bank of Chile sponsorship.

    (8.3) Tomas Scheckter - Will be testing for the #52 seat with Cheever in Mid-January.

    Jeret Schroeder - Jeret is set to return to the IRL in 2002, but no decision on where.

    Scott Sharp - Back in the Delphi #8 for Kelley in 2002.

    Dave Steele - No new info.

    (8.2) Tony Stewart - Seems certain to show up at Indy again this May. Latest rumor would put him in a third Penske car, although driving for Chip again is still possible.
    [*] Rick Treadway - Rumors are getting stronger that Rick will run the full season for Treadway Racing.

    Brian Tyler - No new info.

    Johnny Unser - No new info.
    [*][*] Al Unser, Jr. - Reportedly still trying to land a ride for Galles. Any deal with Treadway is reportedly not going to happen. ALtest rumor would put him in a Kelley car for Indy only.

    (8.3) Robby Unser - Still hoping for an IRL ride.

    (7.3) Jeff Ward - Unsure on Wardy's future.

    Cory Witherill - Not sure if he will remain with Indy Regency in Toyota Atlantics or not.

    J.J. Yeley - No new info.

    That's the current edition of the Silly Season list. Any additional information or corrections would be greatly appreciated.


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    FWIW, the proper spelling is Tomas Scheckter.

    And the Kahne deal is official - 23 BGN races in a RYR entry.

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      Duly noted. Thanks!
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        Boy, this one got buried quick!
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          Rumors of Max Papis and Maserati getting stronger.

          According to IRL rules, Maserati would not be allowed to run at Indy, UNLESS they made application last September and the announcement has been withheld.


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            True, Mackie, but just as Toyota is looking to do some testing this year, and TCGR was going to do some of it, It could be that Maserati would be gearing up for 2003, and that Arciero could run Mad Max for some data. Just a theory, anyway. There must at least be some talk for all the tongue-wagging going on!
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              A few tweaks based on the latest TrackSide Live information.
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                Max Papis signed with Sigma for the 2002 CART season:

                That should put the Papis/Arciero/Masarati rumors to rest for a little while, at least!


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                  Thanks, JoeBob! There's one more piece of the puzzle filled in.
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                    Rev we all know that you 'know' who will be named to the 14 car at Foyt, but you can't say yet. On this list, Beechler is "set in stone" at Foyt. Is the cat out of the bag?

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