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Brian Update 2/11

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  • Brian Update 2/11

    Hi Friends~
    Time for another "update" because many of you fine folks have sent me PM's or e-mails asking about "the kid".

    Brian is doing fair. It is apparent to all that he continues the very slow but progressive decline. There have been no drastic changes but, I promise, I will keep you informed IF it is ceared first with his family. Remember, my first responsibility is to maintain Brian's right to privacy.

    On the "up" side, he has been a busy little beaver!
    Last week, Dave Argabright from National Speed Sport News visited with both Brian and his Dad. I was extremely impressed with Dave. He seems like a very gentle, compassionate person. He said he thinks his story will be published in this week's edition. It is due out Thursday, 2/14.
    I saw him today and he said he would let me know if it is not going to be in this week's paper. I can hardly wait to see it. Dave stopped by today and brougt Brian an autographed copy of a book he had written...looks so good I think I am going to buy myself a copy.

    Brian has received a beautiful autographed picture of Tony Stewart who is his all-time favorite.

    He has a buddy who is trying to make him a t-shirt with "the decal" on it but have not seen it yet..at least not to my knowldge.

    Here is the scoop on the decals. They are here!
    But I want you all to know how they were made possible to all of us.

    220mph is the one who did all of the design work. He prepared several different versions then presented them to Brian who made the final selection. I believe it was also 220mph who first presented the idea of trying to raise awareness and money for ALS by allowing Brian to get involved in this project. It has proven to be a blessing in so many ways and to so many people.

    Then 220mph and Step33 got together and have devoted countless hours researching and organizing the business and logistics of Brian's Wish.

    Dennis Reinbold and Robbie Buhl of Dryer & Reinbold Infiniti Racing, together with Racing for Kids and Team Purex stepped up to the plate and offered to help in any way they could. Remember, I said they offered...they were not asked! It is because of Dennis that we have decals produced by "The Master", Packy Wheeler.Dennis made one phone call and Packy agreed to get the decals produced immediately...even though this is probably his busiest time of year. He also makes the sponsor decals for almost all of both the IRL and CART teams.

    I went over to Packy's home this past Saturday and picked up the first batch of decals. Let me tell you they are just gorgeous!
    He has done an outstanding job and deserves many thanks. He has made sets for Brian's famly, which I gave to Brian today, also to myself for sharing with the hospice staff, for Dennis and Joanna of the IRL/IMS who is going to help distribute them to the various teams. There are 4 sizes: small crew helmet size in both horizontal and vertical styles; bumper sticker size; "contingency sponsor" size (will be on the side-pods of the cars).
    220mph and step33 are in the process right now of coming up with a way for yo to receive these decals in exchange for a contribution to ALS Research. They will let us know when and how these will be made available. I do want to add that, while at Packy's home, I had the pleasure of also meeting his wife. They are both very warm, caring, compassionate people. Packy is making these exceptional quality decals available to us with no profit expected..just to cover the costs of production. His company is called Perforance Graphix and I would recommend him highly.

    Our very own, and much loved, "Fueler" has generously donated the funds necessary to produce and manufacture the Brian's Wish decals. This is also a very kind act with nothing expected in return and is to be applauded!

    Someone had the idea to get a plain white driver's helmet, put Brian's Wish decals on it, have it autographed by most, if not all, of the drivers and racing "big-wigs". Those helmets are expensive. How were we going to get one? Not to worry! I only mentioned it and without skipping a beat Robbie Buhl says,"Don't worry about that. I'll take care of that for you". In addition, Robbie and Dennis offered to make their rig the "home base" of Brian's Wish supplies. There have been several people in addition to Robbie who have offered to assist in distributing decals to the teams and obtaining signatures for the helmet. They incude Joanna from the IRL/IMS; Tyce Carlson, Robby Unser, Scott Harrington and Eddie Cheever.
    I will tell you that this weekend I bought my first bottle of Purex and will never use my "Brand X" again as long as Purex continues to sponsor Dryer & Reibold Racing and Racing for Kids!

    A special thanks also to Janie Vogel and Steve Roggie who have been exceptionally supportive and encouraging to all assoiated with Brian's Wish...which, of course, is every single one of you. Their radio show Inside Racing is a HUGE success....I think it's one of the best shows I've ever seen or heard. With all due respect, it leaves RPM Tonight standing in the dust!

    All of those fantastic folks at Trackside Live have also been just phenomenal. Those associated with TSL are class-act human beings.

    This Thursday our very own "silvercrown" is driving all the way down here from Michigan just to visit Brian....meet-up with Dog and, of course, make the obligatory visit to "The Track"!

    If I have left anyone out I am so sorry. There are just so many people to thank but most of all, the biggest thanks goes to each and every one of you! YOU are what makes Track Forum, Inside Racing and Trackside Live the extra special oranizations that they are. For what each of you are doing for Brian, his family....and for ourselves...I give thanks. There is a scripture verse that I think is very appropriate here: "We comfort because we have been comforted".

    Every single one of you are greatly respected and loved!

    "IS IT MAY YET?"

    Barb (aka:AB)

    Go Team Purex
    In Memory of Brian Hall (Brian's Wish) - Racing for Kids - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

    Cheever's still "My Guy"

    "How's this for a political platform? Don't lie or cover-up!"

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    Smmmmmaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk! I'll give that to you in person Thursday

    "Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six"
    " Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far....Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go "...T.S. Elliot....


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      Great job, "Aunt Barb." Thanks for the update. And thanks to all those mentioned in the above post who have done so much and given so much of their time and talents.

      Y'all are the greatest, and it is fine to be reminded in this way that racing is just chock full of great people.

      Send a hug and best wishes to Brian.

      Barb, please give the address and payee information again for Brian's Wish contributions. I know you don't want to overdo the fund plea - but you can save a lot of folks a lot of digging through old posts to find the information. Don't be bashful. I'm sure there are lots more folks who would like to help.


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        I don't think 220 and step33 have it worked out yet how you can donate on-line. Tell you what, until they get it up and running, I will do my best to accommodate everyone. I know these race fans want their decals ASAP so they can be affixed to cars, trucks, coolers, scanners...whatever.

        I will call Packy and have him make up another batch for me. When they are done I will go pick them up.
        Send your donation of $20.00 to:
        Barb Lyons,R.N.
        St.Vincent Hospice
        8450 N. Payne Rd.
        Suite 100
        Indianapolis,IN. 46268

        Make check payable to:
        ALSA / Indiana Chapter

        In lower left on check be SURE to specify: Research/Brian's Wish

        Make sure your address is present and I will send the decals to you.
        This way you can get them in time for the Homestead race. When the donation site is available on www.brianswish.com you may then offer your donation there.

        Does that sound agreeable to everyone?

        Oldtimer, your decals are going out in tomorrow's mail. Thank you, dear friend.

        In Memory of Brian Hall (Brian's Wish) - Racing for Kids - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

        Cheever's still "My Guy"

        "How's this for a political platform? Don't lie or cover-up!"


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          Barb.... as you are passing out accolades for the people who have helped make this a reality, please be certain to stop and take a long look in the mirror! TF would not have known about Brian or his enthusiasm for the IRL without you and your posts.

          It gets said a lot, especially by people who have had loved ones helped by hospice, but it really is true.... the people who make hospice function are truly angels among us.

          Oh, you might want to get ready... I suspect you're about to receive a lot of donations for decals from the TF'ers!

          [ February 12, 2002: Message edited by: Fueler ]


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            Barb and others.

            220 is diligently working to get the logostics of the fund raising worked out. I have done nothing compared to the IMMENSE effort 220mph has put forth.

            And I also want to thank YOU for your work and caring. People like you make this a much better planet.

            We have 2 plans and my sponsorship based plan is secondary to the initial getting the stickers out plan.

            When the details are worked out, it'll be announced here. Folks won't have to look hard, I'll be innundating you great people with information.
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              yep, while you're offerin' attaboy's Barb, remember that NONE of this would have happened without the effort of one single, caring and compassionate person.

              Do that "look in the mirror" thing now and then Barb, and you'll see the reason this is all underway.

              Step has gotten me the html links to accept donations at the Brians Wish web site. I'll work to get them incorporated shortly, and you should then be able to easily donate online.

              Please continue to keep Brian and his family in your thoughts. The circle of giving that started with Barb and a simple request is growing exponentially.

              It's a cliche, but together we not only can make a difference, but are.

              And there is plenty more to come . . .


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                The Brian's Wish web site is now updated to include a "Donate" button.

                You can make online donations there now to the Brian's Wish program.

                The online donation, at present goes through the PayPal processing sytem. If you have not used PayPal before it takes just a few minutes to setup an account. Depending on the type account you can pay by both MasterCard and VISA and by check.

                Please make sure you include your contact information and address so that we can make sure we get your receipt and decals to you.

                Keep an eye on the site as we are working on a number of additional things, including Brians Wish caps, and apparel.

                Sleep - we don't need no stinkin' sleep . . .


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                  Thanks for the update, Barb! You have my continuing prayers and thanks. I'm hoping to meet you soon. Yes, don't forget to give yourself a hug from all of us!
                  Have a very blessed day!


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                    A logo & link to Brians wish has been placed on every page of the Swede site in hopes of spreading the word. Good luck guys!
                    Please visit the tributes to my favorites:

                    Swede Savage / Art Pollard / Mel Kenyon /
                    Joe Leonard / Peter Revson

                    Indy Kids


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                      Can't wait to see this weeks NSSN. I know Dave Argabright will do an outstanding job, as usual.
                      Have a very blessed day!


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                        Thanks Barb

                        Remember next Tuesday's Brian's Wish fundraiser at Racers. I will make a post with all the details but must note that Racers will donate half of all the $$ from that night to Brian's Wish and all donations from spectators go towards Brian's Wish.


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                          You guys are the greatest - all of you. I'm proud of all of you who have given of yourselves to be part of Brian's Wish.

                          I've had some bad things to say about "cheerleaders" in the past, but you guys have turned me into one - not for the old IRL vs. CART stuff, but for Brian's Wish. I just wish I could do more, and I'm proud of all of you who have done so much. Thank you.


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                            I'm with you, Oldtimer. I'm just proud to be associated with such folks here. Barb, you already know how I feel, but the rest of you???? I love you all!!!!!
                            (Sorry, Dog, didn't mean to get sentimental...)
                            I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things . . . - Antoine de St-Exupéry


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                              Originally posted by cps:
                              <STRONG>I'm with you, Oldtimer. I'm just proud to be associated with such folks here. Barb, you already know how I feel, but the rest of you???? I love you all!!!!!
                              (Sorry, Dog, didn't mean to get sentimental...) </STRONG>
                              Thats ok dude! I'm going to visit Brian Thursday afternoon and show him how to blend White Castles and use them in his feeding tube

                              Then I'll teach him how to squirt bile fluid all over the nurses
                              SENسR MODERATOR......

                              "Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six"
                              " Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far....Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go "...T.S. Elliot....


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