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OT- Porsche SUV

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  • OT- Porsche SUV

    Ok I came across this story about Porsche coming out with a SUV.

    I don't know about most of you but if I am going to buy a Porsche it will not buy a butt ugly SUV.


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    Porsche's idea to bring out a new SUV was not a very popular one among many, but I believe I read that they needed to increase their sales in order to avoid being bought out by larger companies like many small car makers have recently.

    I am not so crazy about the SUV, but from the technology side it is one amazing SUV compared to others. However, I think I would stick with the Boxster or the 911, but then again I tend to like sports cars rather than SUVs.


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      The Cayenne will be what drives Porsche into the arms of one of the large manufacters.

      The boys of Stuttgart have lost their way.

      A year of profits will hide the fact that the SUV market is flooded to the point of collapse.

      Little light weight bad @ss racers are what gave the marque it's name.

      Monster Can Am racers added to the legend.

      Steamroller enduro efforts chissled it in stone.

      an suv?

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        Gotta go with the Pooh Bah on this'un. Entry into the saturated "stationwagon for the new milinium" market in soft economic times makes no sense. If this is the life saver Stuttgart is looking for, they best make sure it is not marked 944
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          Ded, what I want to know is how will this thing handle on the backroads out of Bedford loaded with...just for arguements sake...let's say 100 large liquid filled mason jars?
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            ded stole my thunder. Lower those hideous things and you got yourself a station wagon. 20 years ago when todays yuppies were in 10th grade they wouldnt be caught dead in a station wagon. Fast forward to 2002 they come with 17 inch wheels and $45K
            sticker price and they cant build em quick enough for those same people. No one ever said keeping up with the Joneses was pretty.
            I for one cannot wait for this trend to be over. 10 years from now auto geeks are gonna looks at these things with the same disgust we feel when looking at a 73 Country Squire with the wood grain decals on the side. Ugh.
            Sorry for offending all SUV owners here.
            Live like Dave


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              It ain't right.

              But the name is cool.
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                Coming soon or already here...the Cadillac CTS, 50th anniversary Corvette, Nissan 350Z, Chrysler Crossfire, Chevy SSR, Porche SUV, Ford 500, VW Tourage(same as a Porche SUV), Audi S8, Maybach, Lambourghini L140.

                I can't see picking an SUV in the 65-89K range as my next "gotta have" vehicle out of this bunch.
                I can't see myself picking an 89K SUV if my choice was limited to Porche only!
                These things will be on the back lot with the Boxters inside of a year.


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                  How come when I read the artical the only thing going through my head was the song, "It's the end of the world as we know it..."?


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                    I wake up to the news about buddy lazier and then I get this rubbed in my nose. I can tell already this is going to be a crappy day.
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                      I don't like SUVs either. I can't see around them, they eat gas, if you get hit by one it's bad news, they don't handle, and the people that drive them tend to bully smaller vehicles. In the soccer mom case, talking on the phone, doing the nails, and slapping the kids around while vaguely paying attention to where the brute is headed is an absolute menace.

                      But. They definitely have uses. The vehicles, not the moms. That interior volume can be functional. My mission is to make all SUV owners aware of hot wagons. Same utility, but much better in the categories above. They will ultimately run the behemoths off the road. I hope. The problem is, some people like sitting higher than everyone else. Makes them feel good about themselves. These people aren't listening to me. Go figure.

                      The Porsche is fussy, expensive, and a sure-fire failure. Sometimes auto companies make huge mistakes, and this looks like one of historic proportion.


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                        I disagree. This is what will drive Porsche profits through the roof.

                        They will sell every one they make. This thing is a real badazz and they did it the right way.

                        [ October 04, 2002: Message edited by: Mista Bone ]


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                          What the Bird said.

                          And what AutoExtremist had to say.

                          What's next, the Porsche truck?


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                            Originally posted by Outlaw:
                            <STRONG>...I don't know about most of you but if I am going to buy a Porsche it will not buy a butt ugly SUV.</STRONG>
                            Well, I can tell you the Cayenne has been the topic of much heated debate a POCA meetings for some time now. A good many Porsche owners are "purists" that have nothing kind to say about the new SUV.

                            Yes, it's not as sexy as a 911 or Boxster but what SUV is? But, considering the 450 horsepower twin turbo V8 under the hood and a 0-60 time of just over 5 seconds (not to mention a top speed of almost 170 mph) it starts to look better than any other SUV. Porsche has also developed this thing to handle very well - it's lap times around the Nurburgring were astonishing.

                            If I had to trade my Boxster S for an SUV, this would be the one. A friend of mine is the sales manager for a large Porsche dealership and as of two weeks ago he has orders/deposits for just over 50. It's going to sell just fine.
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                              Originally posted by mnkywrch:
                              <STRONG>What's next, the Porsche truck?</STRONG>
                              Have you ever seen any of the tractors Porsche made?

                              [ October 04, 2002: Message edited by: Spike ]
                              "I would really like to go to NASCAR. I really enjoy NASCAR and if I could be there in a couple of years that's where I'd want to be." - Jeff Gordon (after testing a Formula Super Vee)


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