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  • Tomas Scheckter

    Does he get the second Cheever ride...

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    I'd be hard to not give it to him (and stay credible).
    "Now, for some of you it doesn't matter. You were born rich and your going to stay rich. But here's my advice to the rest of you: Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs and take them down." -- Edward Blume


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      Hasn't he shown that he deserves it? Get ready to get real excited at the front of the pack!


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        Originally posted by hdolan:
        <STRONG>Does he get the second Cheever ride...</STRONG>
        Ask TWR........Jos is now available and has a contract.............


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          Originally posted by Mista Bone:

          Ask TWR........Jos is now available and has a contract.............</STRONG>
          How can you have a contract and still be available? Maybe Tom can sell him to Eddie or, through the engine connection, force him on Eddie. It would be good to see Jos get something good, but not at the expense of a young gun. An old driver that hasn't accomplished much instead of a hot new prospect? No, the hot new prospect getting his chance is part of what the IRL is about.

          Jos really needs to look at sportscars. He has been around F-1 so long that he will never even get a sniff of a decent drive there. I like Jos and understand that he has never really had a decent car in F-1. But
          bringing in a guy who is famous only for bringing up the back of the grid (admittedly not always his fault) will only accelerate the "buy-a-drive" talk.

          If a guy who showed he has the stuff gets shuffled out to make room for somkeone who has had a chance and not succeeded, the IRL loses credibility on that front.
          I'm dead now.


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            I hope Thomas gets the ride. He is very quick,which should be the most important thing. I think he will be fun to watch if he gets the ride. I just hope he doesn't go back to Europe if he experiences some success here.
            "You make one **** of a caucasian Jackie." The Dude Lebowski


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              Tomas is very quick and talented....but the average viewer doesn't know him from a hill of beans. Don't follow the CART mistakes.....hire an American who Cheever can develop.

              [ February 11, 2002: Message edited by: irlrules98 ]
              Third Gen Indy Fan


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                This is a no brainer...if Cheever wants to win races and develop a new household name in the IRL, he better hire Scheckter.

                I'll be the first to predict the front row for the 500:
                Hornish, Scheckter, Castonieves


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                  Originally posted by Dr. Austin:

                  I like Jos and understand that he has never really had a decent car in F-1.
                  Actually, Jos and Schumacher both drove 14 of 16 races in 1994 for Benetton.

                  Schumacher had 92 points, 10 wins, and the championship.

                  Jos had 10 points.

                  Herbert had the ride for the last two races of the season. Schumacher sat out two races mid-season serving a penalty.



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                    Cheever gave an american a shot and said
                    he needed more seat time
                    obviously Tomas Scheckter doesnt need it
                    foreign born or not
                    guys a stud, id hire him, but if unser is still available........


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