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Why can't the fans of the IRL

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  • Why can't the fans of the IRL

    and CART get along? Why do I have to see the words [email protected]@gon ,[email protected],or lemming or any of the other stuff. Is it so hard to just like racing and enjoy what is out there? Who care's if you prefer one series to the other. Racing is racing.
    IRL, Champcar and F1 fan

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    And for anyone who is wondering. I like all of them. Just because IRL is in my name doesn't mean that I dislike the other forms of racing.
    IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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      Racing is racing

      I guess both series take sponsor $$$ from each other.

      You'd find fans within CART and within the IRL disagreeing too , with how each series should be run!


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        I will watch a good CART race (non-street that is). You will find that many of us who post here are refugees of other message boards, namely Speednet and Speedvision, and have taken a lot of belittling over the past few years from the more millitant CART supporters. In all fairness to the CART people the door has swung the other way too. Some of us have resented it worse than others.

        I don't have a problem with CART any more. I did when they staged the U.S. 500 against the Indy 500. Nowdays I just throw a shot in every once and a while I think just to razz Railbird . My focus though is the IRL. It isn't a perfect series yet but I am pleased with the progress of the IRL.

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          I agree to a point, but only a point. The name callin is senseless. But those who fail to learn from history are prone to make the same mistake.

          I have no desire to see CART once again connected in any way to Indy Racing. They are doing so to survive. I do not wish them success in that venture.

          As a seperate entity with there own specs. and own races, fine.
          Tara was the name of our cat.


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            It's F1 not CART that I can't stand.
            Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Keenest of them all?


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              I never did like CART, from the moment I heard of them in 1979. What's to like?

              They did a great deal to mess up the Indy 500, and Indy Car racing in general. They highjacked Indy Car racing and took us down the wrong path. The IRL has done a great deal to bring it back home.

              They have had some very good, professional teams, such as Target Chip Ganassi Racing and Marlboro Team Penske (now in the IRL). They also have a few guys who seem to want to control everything themselves

              They held the Indy 500 hostage in 1979. This year, many of them are back, but they won't be able to control it like they did 23 years ago.

              I am all for good racing, and am glad to see the crybabies come back to Indy to race on IRL terms, not their own little conutry club show.

              In 1996, they call the Indy 500 the Amateur 500. Now the table have turned and they are being called CARTOON. Too bad so sad...
              If you do what you've always done...

              you'll get what you've always gotten.


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                I still think it's time to get past it.
                IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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                  I have nothing against any other racing series. If anyone wants to watch and follow swampbuggies that's perfectly ok with me. It's the zealots from the other series that try to preach the good news of their series, and downgrade my choice, that gets my blood boiling.
                  I don't mind the namecalling. In fact I take great pride in being a Lemming, and trying to be the very best little Lemming I can be. I enjoy our crapwagons driven by wankers. It's my series of choice.
                  I love racing and respect all racing personnel. From firgue-8 and street stocks to the so-called major leagues, these people have a dream and try to put on a show for us, actually risking their lives and limbs in the process. What's not to respect!
                  Have a very blessed day!


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                    Originally posted by IndyIRLman:
                    <STRONG>Why can't fans of the IRL and CART get along?</STRONG>

                    Because some people just like to argue.

                    In the end it is their loss, not ours.


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                      "They held the Indy 500 hostage in 1979."

                      I guess justice is "blind", afterall. Because, strangely enough, it took a court decision for CART to even be allowed to race. Bet that presiding judge is feeling like a fool now.


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                        Originally posted by Eagle104:

                        I guess justice is "blind", afterall. Because, strangely enough, it took a court decision for CART to even be allowed to race. Bet that presiding judge is feeling like a fool now."

                        I don't understand why you say that about the judge. He could have cared less about how the IC debacle would shake out. All he made his ruleing on was the law.

                        There was more than just that lawsuit. I don't remember what it was all about except they had some sort of clarification on the pop off or wastegate valve rule between qualifiying weekends and it wasn't fair to the guys on who qualified on the first weekend, or something like that. Anyway, the courts made some sort of ruleing and in the end, 35 cars started the race.

                        There was also the snafu where one team welded a coffee can over the wastegate so the engine would make so much presure the pop off valve couldn't bleed it off fast enough. They were sent home.

                        And if i remember correctly, wasn't that the year that Sam Posey qualified a car that had already been bumped out and they just switched the ID plates with the spare? He was also sent home.
                        I'm dead now.


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                          I think Cart fans started it well at least the Cart fans at Speednet is what I think started it. I mean have you seen the Cart fans at Speednet? They are the worst Cart fans I have ever seen. Don't know why we allow them over here and try to start trouble.


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                            Too funny Austin!


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                              It was fender washers that were welded on. My wife's cousin did the welding.
                              Have a very blessed day!


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