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Inside Racing, how did it go?

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  • Inside Racing, how did it go?

    What did I miss hearing, was there a good crowd, will the archive thing happen?

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    What Mackie said.
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      At the risk of repeating myself (click here) , I thought Janie, Steve, and Bob did a great job. And the food was good, too!

      Hopefully, those out of earshot will be able to get internet access, startng with next week's show.

      Bob J is the man- looking forward to his new Host role. It's just too cool that he can cover a Thunder show and a USGP, uniquely and in my opinion very, very well.
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        I heard the last 10 minutes with Bob. Sounded pretty good.

        Trevor- Sorry I didn't show up, remember that nap I was going to take well I ended up sleeping till like 8:45 and then decided to get up and turn it on. I will come next time that I can make it. Also I'm sorry to anyone that heard I was coming from Trevor. I was going to go but I really did fall asleep. Some reason my mom decided not to come in and wake me up when she got home from the store so we could leave.


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          Here are some highlights and general thoughts about the first show:

          1. They started off with a general overview of the offseason in motorsports. Steve said that the 2 biggest concerns right now in racing are TV contracts (or lack of with some series) and the economy.

          2. They had a great interview with Mark Kinser. He said that the WOO schedule was crazy (sounded like a NASCAR driver. Also said he was generally concerned about the future of the WOO. All series are experiencing the financial crunch, and he feels the smaller series will eventually be effected the most.

          3. There were the usual first show glitches (a squeaky mike every-now-and-then) and Janie sounded a little nervous (of course, who wouldn't be?). Steve was great. Very smooth and knowledgeable about ALL forms of motorsport. He asked some very interesting questions.

          4. They talked to Bob Jenkins about the new IRL broadcast team. He said he has no idea how things will work out. It was obvious that it was an ABC decision and not an IRL decision. He said he was very surprised by the change but said at least he still had a job and he still got to cover the kind of racing he loves (sprints/midgets, IRL). You could tell he was mad about being "promoted", but being the true pro he is, he did not rip anybody.

          5. Overall, the show will be a very good one. Janie has great contacts and both her and Steve have great inside knowledge. I am sure it will be a success.

          Next week, the show will be on at 6:15 to 7:15 on Wednesday night. From then on, it will be 8-9 every Wednesday.
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