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Thursday night history class..

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  • Thursday night history class..

    Between 6 and 7 pm until they throw us out.

    expect a pop quiz...

    Tomorrow night should be interesting one way or the other. Brenda has been working with, against, and around some of the IMS bureaucracy in an attempt to get more material. She is trying to get some the longer films transfered to tapes she can use. These would be 90 to 120 minutes covering one year.

    We shall see.

    If nothing else I think I am going to suggest bringing out a few of the tapes we watched the first week. These were old eastern sprint and dirt cars from the 50/60 era at places like Reading, William Grove, Langhorne, and Trenton both paved and dirt. Drivers like Hinnerschitz, Larson, Johnny Thompson, and a skinny Foyt throw rooster tails and hook ruts back when men were men..

    Fun stuff in black and white.
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    George Herbert

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    Now that is what I call MUST SEE TV!!!
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      Hey, 'Bird: the effort you've put into this behind the scenes is awesome. Before too long we should have some of the oft-requested TF logo shirts and hats to pass around. Tomorrow night is just a bit too soon though- stay tuned, race fans...

      ps- and thank you Brenda, too, and Mike at the bar, and the glamorous Barb (both of them)!!

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