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Holy Moly! Guess What I Just Found?

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  • Holy Moly! Guess What I Just Found?

    I was going through some unpacked boxes that have been through my last six or so moves, and I found a bunch of Super 8MM and 16MM projects I undertook at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway between 1974 and 1980.

    I'm hoping they haven't degraded to the point where I won't be able to get 'em transferred to DVD.

    Anyone know who converts such things and how much it costs?
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    If you find something out let me know. I've got an 8MM reel of 1911 Indy 500 footage. I'd like to get it converted with your stuff.


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      That stuff can be expensive to transfer, unless you have a commercial interest in what's on it.

      Though the base material, acetate , decomposes , maybe you cut cut a deal by habding them over to people who deal with that in exchange for a DVd copy?


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        I'm having some 8mm home movies from Indianapolis, some dirt races from the late 40's and early 50's and a couple Grand Prix's from the 60's converted to VHS video tape.

        Have 400 feet from the Mexican Grand Prix of 1968 done so far, turned out pretty well and cost $34.00 for the 400 feet.

        The conversion improved the quality over the 8mm movies quite a bit.
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          A friend is having some 1960's and 70's Indianapolis 500's converted- I'll ask him tomorrow what's up with that.
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            Originally posted by trevor83:
            <STRONG>I've got an 8MM reel of 1911 Indy 500 footage. </STRONG>
            Did Railbird film it?
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              I have some "raw" footage that I have not put on my "sales" videos, Indy footage 60, 61, 66, etc. WOuld anyone want to trade?

              Let me know.

              I also have tons of Milwaukee MIle footage that I sell (1960's & 1970's)



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                Originally posted by Racewriter:

                Did Railbird film it? </STRONG>
                I'm not sure if he was able to handle a camera at 4 years old but its possible.


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                  I recently dug out a bunch of my dad's 8MM films and started converting them to DV myself. I set up the screen and placed my DV Camcorder in front and below the projector. Zoomed in to where the picture was completely filled and started filming. Since the 8mm is silient, I plan to go back and dub in some music or somesuch in the future.

                  It looks pretty good. For my brothers, I've then tape from my DV to VHS.

                  All it's cost is time and a few tapes.
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                    "Did Railbird film it?"

                    Nah, I was spotting for Bob Burman that day.
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