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If they charge big time prices the IRL must be big time

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  • If they charge big time prices the IRL must be big time

    I got the ticket brochure for the Milwaukee Mile in the mail(haven't checked the website to see if info is there) and the IRL must be major league because they are charging big league prices.

    Just for Sunday prices range from $29 to $59,
    the $79 or $99 Sunday seats high rows center grandstand include Friday and Saturday
    Just Saturday for USAC $20 to $35
    and weekend pit and Paddock passes $65

    which are the same prices as the CART weekend but overall less than the better seats for NASCAR but more for the lowest rows of seats.

    They have season tickets, NASCAR ticket package which is NASCAR and the ASA weekends and boy can't wait to see how many of these they sell Open Wheel ticket package which is CART and IRL weekends together.

    The prices seem over priced when compared to Michigan and the face value of the seats at Chicagoland.
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    I just looked at my renewal package and if you buy a 300 or 400 level ticket for Sunday's race for either CART or the IRL you get admission for all three days and the same seat for Saturday's USAC race on the IRL weekend.
    If you buy the open wheel package you will also get a buy one get one free pit pass coupon.
    They want $30.00 for the 300 level seats for USAC and $79.00 for the whole weekend. If you choose to buy the package it brings the cost of the pit passes for the entire weekend down to $32.50 each.
    Looks to me like they are trying extra hard to get butts in the seats for both ow weekends.
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