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Thanks RBM

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  • Thanks RBM

    As some here may know I have been in contact with the individual who started the www.anysoldier.us effort with his son - who i s a Sgt. with the 173rd serving in Kirkuk, Iraq.

    During the discussions I mentioned possibly getting some of the Indy Car drivers to autograph some photos to send over. Marty said he believed the soldiers would really appreciate getting something like that from Indy drivers.

    Robby McGehee has sent me 20 hero autographed hero cards to send to the troops

    The plan is for me to collect the items and then mail them to the 173rd after they leave Iraq in early April. From what I understand they will likely be in their base in Italy during the running of the 2004 Indy 500 and I am going to send the items there so they have them for the race.

    TSO promoted the www.anysoldier.us effort several weeks ago.

    Now I notice that BGN and Jayski are also promoting it

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    Way to go Robby!


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