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  • Helio on TV

    Our spanish cable channel has Helio on a spanish sports show (as far as I can tell). They started off with the Indy footage of him climbing the fence.

    I have NO ida what they are talking about now however. Showing some CART footage from last year.

    Can't speak a lick of spanish, but I thought this would be worth mentioning. They do seem to be having a good time whatever they are talking about...

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    Hey, I saw that too!

    I took a couple of years of Spanish in high school and another semester in college and I had no idea what they were saying!!

    I did recognize that he referred to the "Indy Race League" and that it was todos en los Estados Unidas (totally in the United States). They then cut away to some Adrian Fernandez footage so I'm assuming it was a Mexican feed.

    A funny note was when HC was messing up his Spanish and he explained that Spanish and Portugese are similar but different. And I liked the table dance at the end of the interview.

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