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Semi-OT - 01 Rally Champion Burns diagnosed...

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  • Semi-OT - 01 Rally Champion Burns diagnosed...

    ...with brain cancer.

    Since fainting at the wheel of his road car on Sunday November 2, Richard Burns has been undergoing tests in hospital to determine the cause of his health problems. These have been concluded and doctors have confirmed Burns has an 'Astrocytoma' - a form of brain tumour.

    As a result, the Brit will now undergo a course of radiotherapy treatment - which the doctors are confident will prove successful.

    However, they have confirmed that Burns will be unable to compete in the 2004 FIA World Rally Championship, in which he was scheduled to return from Peugeot to the Prodrive run Subaru team

    "I would really like to thank everyone for their continued support - it means a lot to me," began Burns in a statement released today. "My fans, the Peugeot WRC team and also everyone at Prodrive and Subaru have all been tremendous.

    "The doctors have advised that I am unable to get back in a rally car for the 2004 FIA WRC Championship and I have to accept that. I'm obviously extremely disappointed but I am feeling very positive and I am determined to focus all of my efforts on getting back to full fitness as soon as I can," he added.

    Burns has asked that people respect his and his family's privacy in what has been, and will continue to be, a difficult period.

    Additional information will be given once the former world champion has completed the course of treatment.
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    I didnt know where to put this on TF, but...

    I wish Richard the best of luck on his treatment, and would like to say that the FIA World Rally Championship wont be the same without him.

    We may be open wheelers, but things like this are terribly sad to all members of the motor-racing family.

    Best of luck Richard! Get Well Soon!

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    Bad bad news. I wish him the best.
    Proud to be a complainer.


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      I'm just mesmerized whenever I catch the WRC's act on Speed. The skill, teamwork, and bravery these guys display is simply incredible. I hope for a full recovery for Richard so we can see him work his magic again.
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        That's horrible news, I hope his health returns quickly. I'll miss seeing him in '04.

        The WRC is one of the most entertaining forms of motor sports. The car control these drivers have is nothing short of spectacular, as is the courage of the co-drivers, who can only sit and watch.
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          He'll probably overcome this challenge with the same courage he displays in a controlled, high-speed, 4 wheel drift just inches from some European precipice.

          Get well soon, Mr. Burns.
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            When I had heard that he had feinted at the wheel of his rally car, I thought, "This can't be good." Such a shame. He was in contention for the championship, too.
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              You watch the in car camera shots of these guys and you just have to step back and say "Wooooaaahhhhhh" in your best Paul Page voice.

              I hope he has a full recovery.


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