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you know who deserves, and should get offered a ride?

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  • you know who deserves, and should get offered a ride?

    Damon Bailey.

    Yes, I'm talking about the indiana basketball legend.

    I've long felt that Damon could have a positive impact on our sport, just as he did on Bedford North Lawrence high school's basketball team in the late 1980's. I mean, they won the state championship!

    The hoosier state's all-time highest scoring high school baller should have no problem running 250+ mph at Indy. JMO of course.

    He was getting features in Sports Illustrated in junior high, so I have no doubt he could get in again behind the wheel of an indy car. That's good press!

    And he is american!

    Seriously, lets start writing letters and see about getting Damon a seat with Kelley or AGR.

    Lets retain his talent before NASCAR snaps him up.

    Gordon, Stewart, Leffler, Newman, Yeley... People, we can't afford to lose another one, especially Damon, to the south!!!

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    But that's just my opinion!


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      If he's a basketball player wouldn't he be too tall? The tub might have to be lengthened to accommodate his height; wouldn't that compromise the structural integrity of the chassis?



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        An IU fan friend of mine kept telling me how great Damon would be in the NBA. I told him he'd never play in single minute of NBA ball...and he never did.

        Bob Knight ruined this kids basketball career.

        Saw Him play Lawrence North and Eric Montross at Butler Fieldhouse. Talk about Hoosier Hysteria.


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          nice change of pace i appreciated reading that...funny... he had a solid CBA career though!
          No where in your rambling incoherent response did you come close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We are all dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.


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            He's now an owner of Hawkins-Bailey Warehouse here in Bedford.
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              Well, after reading this thread, I'd have to say his racing credentials are superb!
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                Please tell me your joking! If not, make sure you have enough of whatever you're smoking to share with the rest of the class.

                Now, if we were to discuss which recent collegiate athletes from the state of Indiana who might have what it takes to cross-over and drive and IndyCar, someone like Purdue's former QB, Drew Brees comes to mind.

                Brees was smart, was cool under pressure, and could turn bad situations into positive outcomes. Of course, his current team couldn't win to save their lives, but it's not entirely his fault.

                Anyway, this is a silly topic. I'm done.

                Besides, I'm not so sure Damon Bailey wouldn't need a diet and exercise program to get in to an IndyCar these days.


                Butler V. IU - December 13, 2003 ... Place your bets!


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                  What happened to Drew Brees when he got to the Chargers?
                  Have a very blessed day!


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                    How about Trent Green? If he can win at IU, he can win anything!
                    If I were Ed Carpenter and you were a lady...


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                      what happened to Drew is that he was/is benched in favor of Mighty Mite(Doug Flutie)

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                        I can only think of one Purdue Grad I like:

                        Ryan Newman. I wish he was in the Indy Cars.

                        Pole number 11 for hime today!
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