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Emerson Dismore passes....

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  • Emerson Dismore passes....

    A. Emerson Dismore of Greenfield passed away yesterday at the age of 74.

    Diz was the Father of multi-time Indianapolis 500 starter Mark Dismore & a trend-setting pioneer in the Karting world.

    He was more than that, though... he was a great man, a fierce competitor, a car-guy of legendary proportions.... and, a above all else, good friend.

    GodSpeed Diz & thank you for being an inspiration in my life in more ways than you could ever imagine!
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    Prayers and sympathy for the family in this difficult time.
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      Emerson was an icon in the world of motorsports here in Indy and around the world.

      Prayers to the family.............
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        That's really sad. The entire Dismore family has our condolences.

        Good man.
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            Thoughts and prayers go out to the Dismore family. May he rest in peace.
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              Condolences to the Dismores.


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                The one thing I have learned since my Dad's passing is that no matter what happens there will never be a greater friend to me than my Dad. He could laugh with me, comfort me, kick the ar$e end off of me, go fishing with me, talk politics with me, help me face difficult tasks, tell me what an idiot I'd be to (wrong decision in situation insert here), and just plain be Dad! They're impossible to replace. In fact, here's to all Dad's of TF - my hats off to you guys!!!

                My prayers to the Mark Dismore Family!!!

                "the Lord comforts those who mourn ... "


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                  Emerson was a great racer, businessman, mechanic, husband and a great father.

                  The racing world will miss him, however his legacy is in able hands being carried on in Mark Sr. and Jr.

                  God Bless the Dismore family.

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                    Some families just have that "magic glue" that holds them together. Emerson Dismore was just that. Every discussion about that family mentioned or revolved around him and his close relationship with Mark and his family.

                    Just Tuesday morning of this week I got an e-mail from Mark Jr as I had enquired as to how his granfather was doing and he knew the end was very near. Just now, reading the headline to this thread, it took my breath away. What a sad bit of news to get this evening.

                    He seemed to be an inspiration to all who knew him. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting him, you knew he was a very special person.

                    My heart goes out to the Dismore family as they are in our thoughts and prayers. It's been a long hard battle and Emerson put up a gallant fight. Rest in peace my friend, rest in peace.
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                      Rest In Peace Mr. Dismore!
                      Keeping You Alert Since 12-01-2000!


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                        One of my best IRL memories was after Mark finally won in Texas to finish the season.

                        When they went to interview Mark after he got out of the car you could see the tears in his eyes as he said:

                        "This one's for you Dad, you're gonna beat that cancer"

                        You could really see the love & affection Mark had for his father. I hope I have that type of relationship with my son when he is older.


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                          Who could ever forget Marks victory lane comments at Texas. It really put the human side of racing on the forefront. Some people were uncomfortable with his tears, I thought it was a very telling display, and respected him all the more for them.
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                            My condolences to the Dismore family.



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                              The Dismore's are a first class family, as a karter I have dealt with Comet Kart Sales frequently and have found them to be among the most friendly and helpful people in the sport. The karting world lost one if it's pioneers on Tuesday.........

                              Godspeed Emerson...

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