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What is your favorite race track...

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  • What is your favorite race track...

    excluding the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Mine has to be Winchester Speedway. It is the sight where I saw my first sprint car race (won by Johnny Rutherford). Winchester, like the IMS, has a long racing history and I have seen it transform from the covered grandstand and pedestrian bridge to what it is today.

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    Michigan International Speedway

    followed closly by

    Richmond International Speedway


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      Love to see the Pocono 500 return. Great race but the track needs a lot of improvements.


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        Langhorne for an oval and Riverside Raceway as a road course.

        If you like rattlesnakes the infield of Texas World at College Station was the place to be.

        For dirt it has to be Eldoro, the Indianapolis Fairgrounds or Manzanita

        For creature comfort the Ontario Motor Speedway.

        For all the fun one can stand Speed Weeks at Daytona and.

        For volley ball on the beach, the Firecracker, again Daytona.

        Best Motel, Griswold's in Ontario.

        Hardest to find, Mosport.

        The place I would like to visit again, ALL OF THEM!
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          Of the current IRL tracks, I liked Nashville.
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            Williams Grove ( without the plywood on top! )

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              Michigan International Speedway.

              It's all about speed!


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                LeMans is cool, but the IRL will never run there. All the 1.5 mile tracks seem to play to the current car's strong suits. I don't really have a way to explain it, but the cars just LOOK soooo right on those tracks. I noticed at Kansas, I got that visual buzz that's been missing for so long. They really looked like projectiles there.

                At the speedway, the cars just seem a little breathless. I know that sounds silly to say about cars going 225+mph, but I think they are running out of steam. At the 1.5 milers, the cars look and sound like they are going to wind to the moon. I got to where all the 1.5 milers just sort of ran together. Sure, they were different from each other, but the action on those tracks was so gut-wrenching that I think I like those the best. And no one can forget Texas. Especially the last time they went there. That goes for both leagues. Badda bing.

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                  IRL track would be Chicagoland Speedway.

                  Favorite all time... hmmm... Springfield Mile or Eldora for dirt.

                  IRP or Winchester for pavement.

                  Can I waffle anymore than that?


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                    In no particular order:

                    - Pike's Peak. Close to home, has a kids play area. Race will be longer this year!

                    - TMS. All around great facility, good workers, and great racing.

                    - Chicagoland. Was really impressed with this place last season. Nice facility, good workers.



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                      The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

                      then a few others
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                        Phoenix, separates the men from the boys, Drivers track. Can see it all from the top of a transporter. Coming next month,


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                          Phoenix, separates the men from the boys, Drivers track. Can see it all from the top of a transporter. Coming next month,

                          Sorry for the double post.

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                            MIS, Eldora and the track that I have had the most fun at was Mid-Ohio
                            IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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                              Ovals 1.Indianapolis Motor Speedway
                              2.Chicagoland and Kentucky tie
                              Road Courses 1.Elkhart Lake
                              1.Indiana State Fair Grounds
                              1.The Indianapolis Speedrome
                              God speed!


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