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Artemis Images and ecat, how lucky we are.

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  • Artemis Images and ecat, how lucky we are.

    The other evening I had dinner with ecat at the Buckhorn Exchange, a great place to eat in Denver. I had been planning a trip to Artemis for a while, I felt I should do my part in assuring Artemis' success while buying some pictures. I had met ecat at Indy by chance this past May, but we had "talked" before.

    It may take some time before everyone realizes how important her work is and what it will mean to the past and future of our favorite sport, but we are indeed fortunate, it is in good hands with ecat, and Artemis Images is doing very well.

    That isn't to say that our participation via purchases won't help.

    I encourage you all to visit her site,

    Add more credibility to your site - get a premium domain today. Straight-forward shopping experience.

    and if you see a photo you like, order a copy or five.

    ecat, I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me, it has been a long time since this old guy had so many laughs or told so many stories. It is too bad you won't ever be able to go to that bar again!

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    I'll second that emotion!
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      Artemis is an exciting company in an exciting time in the world of photography. The next few years will be a time of change and turmoil in the industry. With the advent of digital photography, lots of businesses and photographers will go out of business. But new ones will rise and take their place. The ones who succeed will be the ones who ride the tides of change and lead the charge into the new direction. The ones who embrace technolgy. From my talks with ecat and from what I see on the website, I know Artemis is one of those on the forefront! Plus the fact that she really has a passion for what she is doing with Artemis will further drive their success.

      ...and I'm not just saying that because I'd love to work there - I'd love to work there because it's true
      "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."

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        No, curses for Artemis Images and ecat. I would like to have a life rather than spending ages browsing through their archives. I just get so overwhelmed with what they have I get dizzy...
        "An emphasis was placed on drivers with road racing backgrounds which meant drivers from open wheel, oval track racing were at a disadvantage. That led Tony George to create the IRL." -Indy Review 1996


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          clap....clap....clap....clap....clap....whistle... whistle!
          Please visit the tributes to my favorites:

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            Originally posted by KnockOff
            I'll second that emotion!
            I third it, and am happy to find something on which KO and I totally agree. Artemis and ecat are just terrific.


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              This is my favorite:


              It will be hanging in my office soon.


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                Re: Artemis Images and ecat, how lucky we are.

                Originally posted by Mackie
                ecat, I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me, it has been a long time since this old guy had so many laughs or told so many stories. It is too bad you won't ever be able to go to that bar again!
                It certainly was as much fun for me...I had a blast. Great conversation, great dinner, great stories, great friends.

                I appreciate the support that the my "trackforum family" has given me over the last two years. Not only has the Artemis Images' business model proven to be viable, but I have met some of the most incredible people during this journey. Everyday I thank the guy upstairs for truly blessing my life. It is amazing. I am one of the lucky ones.

                And there is so much right around the corner at Artemis...more clients, more images, but mark my words...the Indy speedway is my baby and those images will always take precedence. I promise.

                Thank you Mackie for a wonderful evening. An evening that reminded me to step down from running a company for a night, to act like a girl and to enjoy good friends. You have no idea how much I needed a night out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It will always be one of my most memorable and fond dates that I have ever had.

                ...and thanks to all of you here at Track Forum for supporting Artemis. I hope you continue to enjoy the site, the history and the amazing images from the entity we all love.

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                  I just received an order yesterday and the quality of the photos is unreal. If you guys (and gals) want a real honest-to-goodness racing picture to display in your home or office then Artemis is the place to go.

                  One of the coolest things about this deal is the dedication ecat and her staff has to motorsports and the IRL. The attention to detail and quality means you will enjoy your purchase immensely.

                  If you have the time (and a broadband conection ) look through the Artemis catalog. It gets better every day.


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                    I have gone on and on about Artemis Images and I could do it again here, but I'll just say:

                    Dedicated, appreciative, quality, humble, sincere, respectful of history; all describe the organization and it originates from the top down.
                    "You have not converted a man because you have silenced him."
                    -John Morley


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                      Re: Re: Artemis Images and ecat, how lucky we are.

                      Originally posted by ecat
                      It certainly was as much fun for me...ecat
                      ecat, I love a gal that can laugh easily and heartily, you were an easy audience, and you gave as well as you got. I too will remember the fun we had, and I hope we will be able to do it again and often.

                      For the rest of you, who think a Mackie is too tight azzed and serious, you had to have been there... But I am glad you weren't!


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