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Gathering Appreciation

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  • Gathering Appreciation

    A packed house at the Flag Room yesterday.

    I'd like to thank the ever friendly staff


    take a bow

    from what I've been told every race gathering this year has been a success. The crowd sizes have varied but the enthusiam and friendly atmosphere has been consistantly top shelf.

    Thanks friends

    and a special thanks to ecat for the coolest give-aways of the year.

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    "Living well is the best revenge"

    George Herbert

  • #2
    Very cool !!

    Life again conspired to keep me home. I miss youse guys.

    Is there going to be an off-season Thursday Night Movie series?
    "Each day well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this one day for it, and it alone, is life"
    ~ Sanskrit poem attributed to Kalidasa, "Salutation to the Dawn"

    Brian's Wish


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      Is there going to be an off-season Thursday Night Movie series?

      The movies have been retrieved from the vault.

      Just waiting for some fans to show up on Thurday night .

      A couple reasons why not this week:

      1) Baseball playoffs.

      I know, I don't get it either.

      2) I'll be packing up for a trip to Road Atlanta.

      In the next few weeks we'll be firing them up.

      I'm hoping to get some folks interested in a two week showing of "Grand Prix".

      Looong movie, intermission baby

      with selected short subjects of course
      "Living well is the best revenge"

      George Herbert


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        Very cool poo bah. It's a long off season...........
        SENسR MODERATOR......

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