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  • Chris Bingham

    Here is some good poop on a potential IRL driver:

    Dave Steele Rocks!!!

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    Good article and a very nice guy. He can drive the wheels of a race car but he refuses to mortgage his familys future just to satisfy his desires. Something to be said about a guy like that Oh yeh he and his dad own a cool Auto dealership in Seattle!

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      I've been following Chris' career the last two years via email updates, many of which I've seen posted in the Sports Car forum here.

      Chris Bingham website - http://www.parkplaceracing.com/test/

      BTW- David, send me an email- I haven't had any luck lately with your addy on file. I've got something to send you.

      [email protected]

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        I'm surprised ChrisB hasn't posted to this thread...

        Racemind: Kim Kardashian Indy Watch : Twitter.com/racemind
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          ChrisB is too buzy calling the IRL second rate over on 7th Gear.
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            So then why are we all fawning over him?

            Racemind: Kim Kardashian Indy Watch : Twitter.com/racemind
            "If NASCAR didn't want us to sleep through the race then why did they give us a COT?"


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              Not the same guy.


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                Hello! Nice article... it does a good job of showing how it's friggin' hard it is to put together just an Indy Lights program.

                The problem with "formula feeder series" is that they're neither here nor there. They don't attract big paying crowds, and they don't have much of a purse payout... but they still require very expensive equipment.

                Remember all those roadster posts I made? One thing the IRL *could have* taken advantage of is it's vague notion of a connection to sprint/midget racing. If a driver from sprint cars couldn't get a ride in an Indy car (assuming roadsters) he could still go back to USAC or WoO and make a living. (not really possible with Lights or IPS) The only time a sprint driver would be trying to put together a "big league" program would be for the Indy cars (roadsters) themselves... with all the big crowds and million dollar purses.

                Here's a dumb question: if Chris Bingham is so interested in getting back to OW racing, why doesn't he pursue WoO or USAC?

                That's a dumb question and we know why... the formula and sprint worlds really don't intersect despite both making claims to be "open-wheel". Formula cars are predominantly know the world over as road-racing machines... and the drivers who want to drive them primarily want to do road-racing. However, if no formula road-racing opportunities are available, then IRL formula oval racing becomes a secondary option (as this article clearly shows).

                Meanwhile, the sprint drivers who primarily WANT to do oval racing are essentially locked out of Indy cars because the IRL chooses to use the RE formula cars normally associated with road-racing and that's where the IRL owners are going to hire from. Sure, the sprint drivers could try the IPS, but the same old "feeder series" problems arise. In fact, they're potentially WORSE in the IPS because a driver from Atlantics or F3000 has just as much relevant experience and may get the Indy ride over an IPS driver.

                That's why it would be better for the IRL to bring the roadster into the 21st century. The existing USAC and WoO series would *become* the feeders. Total vertical integration between Indy and sprint/midgets.


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