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Scott Goodyear Leads First Firestone Heroes Practice

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  • Scott Goodyear Leads First Firestone Heroes Practice

    My Favorite Part: Lining up by age, Oldest to Youngest

    "The competitive spirit is certainly alive in all of these legends," commented speedway general manager Eddie Gossage following the practice. "Every driver shaved more than a second off their early-practice times during the 30-minute session. Their desire to win is unquestioned. The fans are in for a real treat Sunday."

    Gossage announced that the starting lineup for Sunday afternoon's 25- lap race would be determined by age, oldest to youngest. Lloyd Ruby will start on the pole for the Firestone Heroes of Indy with fellow Texan Jim McElreath to start alongside Ruby in row one.

    Heroes of Indy Article


    Row 1

    1. #18 Lloyd Ruby Wichita Falls, TX
    2. #14 Jim McElreath Arlington, TX

    Row 2

    3. #98 Parnelli Jones Torrance, CA
    4. #20 Gordon Johncock West Branch, MI

    Row 3

    5. # 4 Johnny Rutherford Fort Worth, TX
    6. # 2 Bill Vukovich II Fresno, CA

    Row 4

    7. # 5 Tom Sneva Paradise Valley, AZ
    8. # 3 Pancho Carter Brownsburg, IN

    Row 5

    9. #30 Arie Luyendyk Scottsdale, AZ
    10. #15 Scott Goodyear Carmel, IN

    FIRESTONE HEROES OF INDY - First Practice Session

    1. #15 Scott Goodyear 17.21 seconds
    2. # 4 Johnny Rutherford 17.22 seconds
    3. #98 Parnelli Jones 17.45 seconds
    4. # 3 Pancho Carter 17.50 seconds
    5. #30 Arie Luyendyk 17.66 seconds
    6. #18 Lloyd Ruby 17.71 seconds
    7. #14 Jim McElreath 17.86 seconds
    8. # 2 Bill Vukovich II 17.98 seconds
    9. # 5 Tom Sneva 17.98 seconds
    10. #20 Gordon Johncock 17.99 seconds
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    I wish I was there for this one. Should be fun regardless of how good the race is.

    BTW - How cool is it to see Vuky around the track again?
    Dan Schlosser
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      you beat me to it...pleasant surprise to see Billy listed.

      those times from top-to-bottom are incredibly close!

      hope they take this show on the road. would love to see it.


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        For those of you that would like to see more on these cars,


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          Why is McElreath in #14 (a number he's hardly known for) instead of #23???


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            Probably because of his win in the 1970 Cal 400 in the Foyt backup.


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              You just know those guys have got be having so much fun. Wish we could see it.


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                You can bet that I will be all over SPEEDNEWS and RPM watching for clips. It is a shame that the best coverage of this event may come from the CART provider. JohnK, if you read this, other then race results, this may be the topic of most interest this weekend.


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                  Originally posted by grogg
                  Probably because of his win in the 1970 Cal 400 in the Foyt backup.
                  But that car wasn't #14...it was #18. Even Foyt himself wasn't in the #14 that day - he had #7 while #14 was being used by Dallenbach.


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                    You might have the car number mixed up with the starting position for Jim MacElreath @ Ontario. Jim had the same car #14 that he finished fifth with at Indy in 1970.

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