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Poll: Renna is Better than Scheckter

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  • Poll: Renna is Better than Scheckter

    Did Chip make a wise choice?
    Renna is better
    Scheckter is better
    They are about equal

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    Renna didn't show much as Dixon's teammate in Indy Lights.

    He'll be a dependable number two.
    "Living well is the best revenge"

    George Herbert


    • #3
      I've barely noticed Renna this year...masked by equipment? Am I missing something (remember I cannot see every race)?
      "An emphasis was placed on drivers with road racing backgrounds which meant drivers from open wheel, oval track racing were at a disadvantage. That led Tony George to create the IRL." -Indy Review 1996


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        Originally posted by ensign14
        I've barely noticed Renna this year...masked by equipment? Am I missing something (remember I cannot see every race)?
        Tony Renna's only start this year was at the Indy 500. Off the top of my head he finished 11th.


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          Originally posted by grogg
          Tony Renna's only start this year was at the Indy 500. Off the top of my head he finished 11th.
          Started 8th, finished 7th.

          He was above 230 in practice in a Kelley car. The kid is good. He may have been outshown by Dixon in a mostly RR series, but Renna has looked awesome on ovals in his his 7 races in an arguably mediocre car. Five top 10's. He will do very well. It would not surprise me a bit if he won the '04 championship.


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            “I apologize unreservedly. I offer a complete and utter retraction.
            The imputation was totally without basis in fact, and was in no way fair comment, and was motivated purely by malice. And I deeply regret any distress that my comments may have caused you, or your family.
            And I hereby undertake not to repeat any such slander at any time, in the future.”


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              Originally posted by Brent_the_Lazier_fan
              Started 8th, finished 7th.

              Thanks. I guess I was thinking of Buddy Rice. One more senior moment for me.


              • #8
                I don't know if Tony has run enough to compare. We know Tomas can win, and I think Tony should do well. Talk about a pressure seat, Chip will waste no time if it does not work out.


                • #9
                  It will be an interesting dynamic in the TCGR camp. Scott is clearly #1--but Tony will win the boys over--he is a true team player.

                  He understood that he needed to help Scott at Fontana to win the Light championship--and he did so.

                  Tony was wasted talent at Kelley--he is really going to have an opportunity to shine at Chips.

                  He will be a good equal to Scott--even if scott starts out as #1.

                  Tony is not the guy he was when he ran with Scott at PacWest--his confidence level is very strong and his technical skills are probably superior.

                  He will work at it harder, be in the shop more and win the team over.

                  Obviously--I can't say enough good things about Tony. As I understand it--he'll be on track a couple weeks after Texas--so we'll find out soon enough


                  • #10
                    Let me put it this way:
                    I think Tomas is faster, but I think Renna is better.


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                      Originally posted by passngas
                      would you mind aiming that thing in another direction?
                      Boy that smell is getting to me.
                      Born Again Race Fan seen at


                      • #12
                        There are darn few in the series that are better then Scheckter, although there is no doubt that Dixon is. Something didn't click for Tomas at TCGR, perhaps he doesn't like being # 2. There are also darn few that may be more reckless and less smart than Tomas. It is clear that most people here vote with their heart and not their eyes.

                        I think Tomas will win in a Panther car, I also think Renna might win in a TCGR car.


                        • #13
                          Tomas will do better at Panther in '04 than Renna will at TCGR.


                          • #14
                            Most folks can spell "Renna".....Few can spell "Scheckter".
                            "It's not the split, it's not the lack of marketing, it's not the days the races run on, it's the product." Tommy Kendall

                            "....and the DRIVERS are the product !" SJFast


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                              Brave and smart are 2 different things--I think Tomas is brave and not too smart--in racecraft or setup/understanding how a car works--something one of the Jag engineers told me when he was there--didn't have a clue how the car worked.

                              Tony is brave and calculating, has excellent racecraft and a wonderful understanding of the car mechanically and aero-wise and is smooth, smooth, smooth. Tony managed the month of May masterfully--never in happy hour, worked on his car for race conditions and never did low tank runs or aero qual set up until until Thursday before quals and he was the 3rd or 4th guy out in really bad windy conditions when he qualified. He blew Sharpy away--sharpy is all about happy hour and posting a fast time--which teaches you nothing about your car race day. I'd rather go for a million plus win than a lousy $100K for the pole.

                              This kid is going to surprise.

                              I heard Tony was offered the Panther drive--but Kelley wouln't release him. Then Panther contracted elsewhere before he got his release.

                              Kelley will rue the day they let him go--he was the only hope they had to be something.


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