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  • I'm Goin' to Texas

    Five races in two days (Outlaws, Trucks, IPS, Legends & IndyCars) and cheap airfare is too much to pass up!! I have a couple questions for TMS veterans. How long will it take to get to the DFW airport after the race? Is there a better route to take, or a good place to park? My flight leaves at 7:45, if the IndyCar race ends at 5:00 will I be able to make it or will I have to leave early? Thanks in advance.
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    I live about 10 miles from the track so I have never tried to drive from there to DFW after a race, but here are my thoughts:

    The shortest route from the track to DFW airport is Texas Hwy 114; it goes right by the track and right to the airport. BUT, it is also generally the most congested route into and out of the speedway. Since the track is probably 30-35 minutes from the airport at the best of times, and it takes quite a bit of time to turn in a rental car (at least it used to, and I am assuming you will have one), if it ends at 5:00 you will be very, very close.

    Now, where will you be sitting? There are two major ways out, to Hwy 114 on the South, and I35W on the East. Sof if you sit near Turn 1, you can park near there and get directly onto 114 and go East to DFW (but getting out of the speedway itself that way can be very slow). If you are near Turn 4, then the only way out is the ring road to I35W, either North or South, and you cannot get onto 114 directly from there (but getting out of the speedway is generally fairly fast, especially if you leave right at the checkered flag, you can generally drive 30 to 50 MPH to I35W).

    Now, based on my experience getting into/out of TMS for every race (NASCAR and IRL) since it opened, my suggestion is: park near Gate 2 (toward Turn 4), wait til the checkered flag, run like **** to your car, take the ring road clockwise (north and east) to I35W, go south on I35W to Hwy 170, go East on 170 til it joins 114, and go directly to DFW.

    With probably only 80K or so attendees at an IRL race, I can generally get onto I35W from seats near Gate 2 in about 10 minutes (not running, but moving as fast as these old legs will take me).

    Hope this helps a little.


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      One other item - I just noticed on the TMS website that the Albertsons Family 4 Pack deal is available again for the upcoming races - $79 for 4 grandstand seats, 4 hotdogs, 4 drinks, and 4 snacks. It is available for either the NCTS or IRL races. Go to the website for details. At less than $20 per seat, plus food, that is a pretty good deal!


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        I forgot to mention that, if you happen to have a subscription to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram and have a Press Pass, you can get up to 4 tickets at half price, for both races.


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          I promise to quit after this one......I just got my weekly American Airlines NetSaver email, and it lists the following CHEAP roundtrip fares for race weekend:

          Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) Colorado Springs, CO (COS) $139

          Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) Columbus, OH (CMH) $149
          Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) Fort Wayne, IN (FWA) $149
          Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) Jacksonville, FL (JAX) $149
          Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) San Antonio, TX (SAT) $79

          Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) San Diego, CA (SAN) $169
          Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) Wichita, KS (ICT) $89

          Fly in Fri night or Sat, out Mon or Tue. Go to AA.com for details.


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            Justin, you should be able to make your flight if everything goes smoothly.

            One of the keys is parking in the right spot and getting a jump on the crowd. By now, the federales have the traffic situation well in hand.

            Enter from the southwest, coming through the city of Roanoak ( highway 114 from DFW runs through Roanoak and directly to the track), come under the I35 overpass and turn right into the track at the first entrance.

            You'll be facing the turn 1-2 end of the track. The dirt track and credentials office will be to your right. TURN LEFT into the first available parking lot (on the TMS site it's labeleld "Express Parking"). It might be a "VIP" lot with a charge for parking. Pay it! You'll be parking in an area between turns 1 and 2, with a long walk to the front straight. BUT, you'll be able to exit like Rocket Man.

            Park as close to the parking lot entrance/exit as possible with your car facing the exit. When the checkered flag drops, haul azz to your car (it's a long walk) and exit onto the highway that brought you in. You'll be headed back to DFW. [I]Be careful not to get into the LEFT lane or you'll be directed onto I35 North toward Denton. Get into the middle lanes.[I/]

            Unless airport security jams you up or rental return is slow, you should make it ok.

            Good luck!
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              Thanks for the info Justin and KO. I suspect we'll spend Saturday scoping out the situation for a quick getaway but your suggestions sound good. We already got our tickets on ebay, start finish line row 48 for both days, only $100!! Thanks NASCAR fans!!

              Now we just need to buy tix for the outlaws and we'll be set. Is it worth getting pit passes?
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                Of course its worth getting pit passes!
                The question is... Is it worth going to the WoO race. The seats are extremely close together and talk about a huge rowdy crowd!
                Pit Passes to the IRL are 55.00 I think and you get great access, garage, pit lane, just about anywhere you want to go.


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                  Yes, absolutely see the Outlaws run.

                  And sign up for the two-seater rides between heats!
                  "You people worry too much. Strive for change. Root for your favorites. Enjoy the racing. Drop the flag." rev-ed, 3/04


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                    What the heck!

                    Now that you've been talking about it. I guess I'll go to Texas
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                      Well, let's just all go. I'll come up early Friday morning and stay the weekend.

                      Just let me get this weekend at Kansas out of the way first.


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                        The TMS website is discouraging people from taking 114 to the track.

                        Anyone know what's up with that???
                        "You people worry too much. Strive for change. Root for your favorites. Enjoy the racing. Drop the flag." rev-ed, 3/04


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                          "The TMS website is discouraging people from taking 114 to the track."

                          114 if I am not mistaken is still(forever) under construction. But although the IRL race at TMS is a big day for the IRL, it's not such a big day for TMS crowd wise. I don't see any point in making any unusal preparations for getting out after the race. If your schedule is so close as to cause concern about getting out, you are probably also going to be disappointed if the race has a bunch of yellows (haven't had many in several races, but who knows) and weather factors.
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                            You can take Main street from Lewisville and I35E, straight over to SB I35W and then South into the track.
                            alternate route.
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                              I have a couple of extra hotel rooms reserved at a very nice hotel across from the speedway, its sold out and I will not be needing but one. Let me know if anyone wants one or both (i have two extra), otherwise I will cancel my reservation within 24 hrs from that Friday night. [email protected]


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