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  • And The WINNER is...

    Ok, Ok. At the urging of Jimbo777, who convinced me to go to my very first IRL race at Calif. Speedway last weekend, I'm going to post my shot of Sam Hornish winning the Toyota 400.

    [IMG]http://photos8.msn.com/imageserver/image.aspx?Image=HcZNnT9kkUiOsWHzmunMZ6u0sKxviBCmD b6E6VmgMEmXzD9[IMG]
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    ok, if anyone can explain in detail, how to attach a photo to the post please let me know......
    Drive fast, Take chances!


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      I can see in the post above that the long string of text is not an image file.

      No guarantees, but if the image is on a webserver, as it looks like it is, then right-click on the image. This will bring up a menu. Select "Properties" from the botto of the menu. This in turn brings up a box with several bits of info, including the image Address.

      Highlight the image address text, which should look like a URL path and a filename, hopefully ending with ".gif" or .jpg" - something like that.

      It is this address text that you need to include in the [ IMG ] brcakets, pretty much like you have above.

      example (with spaces added so it will be readable):

      [ IMG ]http:/ /www .trackforum.com/images/TFNew_205x85white_10.jpg [ IMG ]


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        I tried using the properties url as suggested and it won't link. I have the original that I downloaded from my camera but when I try to attach the file it says it's invalid. what the heck do I do now....lol
        Drive fast, Take chances!


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