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Phoenix testing top speeds

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  • Phoenix testing top speeds

    I think these are the best speeds for each driver who tested in the past week at PIR (including Foyt team).

    Hornish 179.8
    deFerran 179.6
    Castroneves 179.3
    Giaffone 178.2
    Schekter 177.7
    Salazar 176.8
    Sharp 176.5
    B. Lazier 175.8
    Beechler 175.3
    Cheever 175.0
    Buhl 175.0
    Redon 174.4
    J.Lazier 174.1
    Boat 174.0
    Lazzaro 173.8
    Treadway 171.5
    Ray 171.1
    deVries 170.4
    Barron 170.1
    Herb 170.0
    Calkins 169.7
    Carlson 166.7
    Mayer 165.3

    I hope I didn't leave anyone out. We'll see what happens for real at PIR in a few weeks.
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    Good job Jimmy, that makes it easy, thanks for the effort, mind if I use it?


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