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Why Texas Motor Speedway is the best

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  • Why Texas Motor Speedway is the best

    First post...been reading here for a long time. I've followed Indy Car racing from the late 70s with USAC, thru CART and since Day One in the IRL. What Brian Barnhardt has been able to do in the IRL is phenomenal. Anyone with a clear mind can see that the IRL races have become absolutely the best, side by side, hold your breath racing in the history of motorsports. Ican't wait till the next race.

    The point of my first post: This Hero race at Texas Motor Speedway is just another illustration of why they are the best. Can you name any other speedway that has done as much to boost the IRL. Every race is spectacular, but they always add an extra twise. Remember Robbie Knievel jumping the starting field? Have you been there to see the post race IRL championship celebration when they invite the fans down on the race track to get close to the action? Last year I was leaning on Hornish's car! Last year they introduced the drivers and the drivers just materialized in the stands! The walked right through the crowd and down through the fence! Oh, they're races also happen to be just awesome, to!

    And now legendary names like Rutherford, Ruby and McCelreath! And the cars look bad! Real nostalgia back to the roadsters. And...no price increase. I'm making my fourth visit in seven years to Texas for the finale. I just get more for my money.

    The question is why don't other race tracks do the same thing? The IRL should carry Bruton Smith and Eddie Gossage around on their shoulders! This is how you do it!

    I can't wait for Texas

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    We were discussing this at the Crew tent Sunday at Chicago. I think your title should be "Why Texas Motor Speedway is ARGUABLY the best".
    There are several venues that give insanely great racing for these cars. Texas, Chi-town, Michigan, and Fontana come to mind. I'm a fan of the bigger and faster tracks, and they have provided me with "on my feet" finishes.
    At the end of the day, however, any track the IRL runs is the best!


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      I know one thing, no other track owner has been on the IRL bandwagon since day one like Texas.

      I think it will always be remembered for bringing us the first close racing that we are growing accustomed to. Those in car shots back in 98 between Ray and Boat were awesome.


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        I guess the point I'm making, Jeff C., is that not only is the IRL racing spectacular (it could be argued the best when you look at the track record there), but that is well well managed race track. While Chicagoland, Michigan or Fontana offer up outstanding racing, why don't they do things like this Oldtimers race? Robby Knievel? Driver introductions? Etc?

        And if not, why not?

        To me, the answer is obvious: Texas management is great, they have embraced the IRL, they value their fans and show it by giving them more, and there is simply no camparing the facility's amenities to other speedways (I've been to Indy, Kentucky, Nashville, Kansas, Michigan & Fontana).

        IRL management, its teams, drivers, sponsors and mostly the fans should all thank Texas for these extra touches. And - unlike the ISC tracks - I can bring my cooler. Thats COOL!

        I'm really looking forward to this Heros race...yet another creative pearl. Good for Texas Motor Speedway. The other speedways should try this hard.


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          I've told this before, but to me it's a great example of how Eddie Gossage takes care of business.

          After the II race last fall, my dad and I considered going to the dirt track to watch the IMCA mods run. They were making announcements about it at the speedway and our decision was if they were still running when we got over there and it looked like we could get in, we'd stop. Well they were and it did, so we did. We waited in a fairly long line to buy our tickets. When we got to the front of the line, who was there to sell us our tickets, but Eddie himself. He just does whatever it takes to accomodate the fans.
          Some people will do nearly anything in order to be able to not do anything.


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            I've emailed TMS twice with suggestions and constructive criticisms and both replies came from Eddie personally.

            That's the way ya do it.
            "You people worry too much. Strive for change. Root for your favorites. Enjoy the racing. Drop the flag." rev-ed, 3/04


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              ...and when Eddie G is on the radio here in Texas, he always genuinely talks favorably about the IRL. Invariably, he mentions that he has been around a lot of racing and that the IRL is consistently the best on-track product.


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                Eddie Goassage and TMS have been big fans and supporters of the IRL since day one.

                TMS hosts the second and third most well-attended IndyCar races of the season.

                If you do what you've always done...

                you'll get what you've always gotten.


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                  I have no problem with the IRL carrying Eddie Gossage on their shoulders (heck, I might even join in), but I'll disagree with you about Bruton Smith.

                  I honestly think if it weren't for Eddie, Smith would have canned the IRL running at Texas along with Charlotte and Atlanta.

                  Just my $0.02 worth.
                  Chicago Blackhawks done didn't do it again!


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                    I honestly think if it weren't for Eddie, Smith would have canned the IRL running at Texas along with Charlotte and Atlanta.

                    I disagree.. Charlotte there was three deaths and the track promoter "Humpy" doesnt want us running there anymore... And Atlanta didnt draw anyone for the Indycars.. Plus they have a hard time drawing for the NASCAR races they have..
                    "Paff has been closer to the mark than anyone will give him credit for."

                    Richard Kimble 11/18/2010

                    "Paff is far more right than any of you will EVER give him credit for.

                    As non politically correct and un IndyCar friendly as it is, it's the truth. "

                    SeeuInMay 12/29/2010


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