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From the "combined," interesting Mix.

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  • From the "combined," interesting Mix.

    Top 12


    Scheckter, his kind of place!

    Hearn, welcome back, a Menard as fast Chevy? What's new?

    Brack ahead of AGR, not the first time.

    Herta, continues to run well, I like Dario also.

    Dixon, what is he doing down there?

    Giaffone, welcome back II, Mo Knows!

    Tora, he has been up there all year.

    Barron, the jury is still out, Rice had top speed at KY, once. Some thought Alex would have trouble with a switch to Dallara, 2nd fastest Chord.

    HCN, 9th, Penske powered Toys lack something, then they race!

    Buddy, at last, welcome back III

    Wheldon, Barron has big ones, he ran outside of Dan for laps, at speed.

    Sam, didn't he do this at Michigan practice, then stick it on the pole?

    4 of the top seven are G Force Toyota.

    Now, in closing, this,

    It is time for the "weekly disclaimer," all teams have different practice agendas, some make simulated "Q" runs at times, some make none, so, if your guys of gals aren't where you think they should be, wait a while.
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