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Has anyone called Humpy Wheeler?

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  • Has anyone called Humpy Wheeler?

    I haven't seen it mentioned so maybe no else watched Wind Tunnel with DD but Jeff Gordon did say Tuesday that so long as the Coca Cola 600 and Indianapolis 500 are on the same day he would have to focus on his Cup ride But if they were to change the date of either then he might consider it.

    He said that coming up in USAC his goal was Indy cars and the 500, driving and winning at the Speedway but the car owners wanted road racers and or road racers that brought money so he went to NASCAR. Since he mentioned that the 1st Brickyard was his biggest racing victory it doesn't seem like the dream of the 500 is completely been extiguished in JG.
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    The mere fact that he tapped that tall blonde megababe speaks volumes about what has and hasn't yet been extinguished.
    (Does DuPont make stepladders?)

    Not only did he accomplish a major smackdown on the light in the loafers rumor, now he's talking of Indy again?

    Comeback of the year.
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      Seems like Jeff has been hinting at a NASCAR sized offer for an IRL ride lately.
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        He also said he'd like to drive in the USGP.
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          Just shows how people hear things differently. Although talking about the 500 I didn't catch anything that would suggest he was looking for a way to switch leagues under any circumstances. But anyone one who has seen the latest Playboy has to be on the same page about his choice of females.


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            Stan, my take is that he would run at least a one-off IF cup was dark Memorial Day. But he's in cup to stay.
            He was rather blunt when discussing why he never ran an Indy type car, however. I'd almost go so far as to say he harbors a little bitterness about it.


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              Humpy isn't about to change the date of his biggest race so that Jeff Gordon can drive in the Indy 500.

              How about suggesting that Indy move it's date so Jeff Gordon can run in the race - equally offensive!


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                "Equally Offensive"

                Comparing the Zeke 600 to INDY, now that's offensive.


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                  Depends on your perspective. Humpy and Bruton would find it equally offensive. I doubt many in an IRL forum are going to agree with them.

                  Don't forget that this is arguably NASCAR second biggest date (and many say biggest). Charlotte NC is NASCAR's home base (don't let anyone tell you that it's Daytona - although Daytona has NASCAR HQ Charlotte has the cottage industry).

                  Lowe's doesn't have the history that Indy does (few tracks do) but it is exactly as close to the center of the stock car world that Indy is to the Indycar world.

                  Let's not talk about the relative popularity of the forms of the sport and remember at Lowe's they are still building seats (at Indy they are knocking some down).


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                    Re: Has anyone called Humpy Wheeler?

                    Originally posted by Z28
                    IJeff Gordon did say Tuesday that ....if they were to change the date of either then he might consider it.

                    The gall of that b*stard!

                    The "Arbor Day Classic", Indianapolis 500....


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                      It is funny how we all hear the same show and think about it differently. I got the idea that as long as Gordon was trying for the Cup title he wouldn't consider any form of double, even if they were consecutive days. It sounded to me that he saw no way for one not to distract from the other (both ways).

                      I kind of suspect we will never see Gordon at IMS on race day as long as he is actively driving. Of course, you have to wonder about being there some day as a retired driver and part owner.

                      The funny stuff about Johnson being his clone was hilarious. I mean about his saying if he was going to go to the trouble of a cloning process he would have added four more inches.

                      My take on the lady and few paragraphs in this month's Playboy; his taste is consistent.

                      And his representation earned their pay; Brooke didn't leave with all that much of the estate (for a community property state) on furthur consideration.


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                        "Comparing the Zeke 600 to INDY, now that's offensive."

                        Indy 500 = 4.6
                        Coke 600 = 4.7


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                          ...I didn't get the impression that even if the Coke 600 were moved that Jeff would really attempt it.

                          Jeff knows the dates of each race will never change and that makes it pretty much a fore-gone conclusion.

                          He stated his main focus is Winston Cup...both his driving and his co-ownership roles.
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                            Why should the 600 change its race day? Charlotte has always been on Sunday. Maybe if Indy wants Cup drivers to show up, they should move the 500 back to Monday.
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                              Without the Indy 500, there would never have been a 'World 600,' which in itself was a hype tactic by NASCAR to try and prove they had a bigger unit than Indy racing. Heck, without Indy, there may never have been a NASCAR.

                              Sure, NASCAR is a lot bigger now. But they need to respect their place in the history of the sport, which is half that of Indy racing.

                              If Humpy was as smart as he thinks he is, he wouldn't hesitate to move his race a day to facilitate the easy crossover and related publicity.
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