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Semi-OT--Star Mazda notes

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  • Semi-OT--Star Mazda notes

    Heard and seen at the RA ALMS show:

    The new car is an absolute showpiece, although some parts are still rather rough-hewn up close. Hey, it's still only the prototype. Valley Motor Center just concluded two days of testing at the Gingerman club track in Michigan and went 1/2 sec. under the Toyota Atlantic record there. Among the high-tech specs: No-lift paddle shifting, full on-board data aquisition, driver-adjustable roll bars, fuel trim, ignition advance, and many other things that can be customized into the computer coding. Traction control--to avoid the high cost of upkeep on limited-slip differentials. EVERTHING is aimed at keeping the costs to a minimum--relatively. We're talking Atlantic speed, technology, and prestige for Barber Dodge dollars. Turn-key car arrives in a crate late this year for under 70 large. Driver's full-season seats estimated at 150-250g, including lots of testing. Amazing accomplishment by Mark Rodriguez and the Valley group.

    Yes, ovals are in the future. Preferably no longer than 1 mi. Short list: Pikes Peak, Pheonix, Milwaukee. What major racing "league" has races at all these tracks and could put these guys on the undercard?

    Alas, the Little Guy with his club Formula Mazda will lose the one place he could taste the big time. The wild, sideways, balls-out races BigWheel and others enjoy will be replaced by a more Atlantic-like technical game. Better for driver development? Probably, but that's progress, I guess....
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    This car is impressive and hopefully they will run in some selected support races with IRL next year or after. For the cost of running this car, I think this will be the next logical step under the IPS. I have nothing agains the TA cars but its hard to come up with that type of money to run those machines.


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      If they're looking for a small engine support series, this looks like a winner. If somebody can come up with some serious prize money for this series, it could well be the answer for the short tracker's transition to rear engine cars.
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        I just happened to catch one of the Mazda races on Speed one time. My son (9) and I were blown away. Don't they come to IRP? This is the kind of series I could get behind.


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