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Sam would be interested in F1

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  • Sam would be interested in F1

    Should some of the top F1 teams take a serious look at Sam !

    from Sam's interview:
    Q: What kind of, without giving away any information that you do not want to, what kind of appeal does stock car racing hold for you?

    Hornish: Every form of racing out there holds some kind of appeal to me, whether it be Formula 1, stock car, even the drag racing. They all have their certain things. NASCAR has the Brickyard 400, which is about the closest thing you can do to winning the Indianapolis 500, other than winning the Indy 500. They have the Daytona 500. Each kind of racing, you can run a dragster, and you can go over 300 miles an hour. Hey, that is a pretty rewarding thing, too. There are not a whole lot of people in the world that can say they have done that. Formula 1, I’d love competing against those guys. The IRL, winning the Indy 500, you know, winning more races than anybody. No matter what kind of racing I look at, I always look at from the fact that if I was going to do that kind of racing, how can I go and do it and set myself apart from the other drivers that have been there before?

    Q: You were just absolutely awesome, but then you have been awesome all year with inferior engine power, so what can I say? Beyond that, you did mention that you are looking at a lot of different things. Have you had any inquiries from any Formula 1 teams or any talk about testing?

    Hornish: No, I have not.

    Q: Would you be interested in it if it were available to you?

    Hornish: I will look at any opportunity with a very closely. Very closely, I would look at any kind of opportunity. That one has not been presented to me yet.

    Q: You would look at it, but you have had nothing at this point?

    Hornish: Nope.

    Q: Well, I hope they figure out that you are that good and give you a test at some point.

    Hornish: Thank you.

    Sam's Interview
    I am blessed to have witnessed "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" 50 times!

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    Not if he still wants to run the 500.

    And unless it's a top team, (that already has drivers in the pipeline), he'd have to bring money with him.


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      He's going to have to actually do some road racing before any F1 team is really going to look at him. He hasn't driven a road race in years.


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        No surprise there

        Every open wheel driver is interested in F1.


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          Makes more sense than the Sarah Fisher to Minardi rumor/news article...


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            So Sam would consider F1 if offered? I thought all these IRL heroes were so popular cause INDY is where they wanted to be? They aren't supposed to be sounding like some foreign road racing devil. Next thing you know, Indy will start losing their drivers to NASCAR of all things.


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              Q: Would you be interested in it if it were available to you?

              Hornish: I will look at any opportunity with a very closely.
              It sounds to me like he is interested in F1 "no more or no less" than any other kind of racing offer.
              "You have not converted a man because you have silenced him."
              -John Morley


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                Considering he hasn't road-raced anything faster than an Atlantic, I'd suggest he sign up with Newman-Haas for a CART ride next year if he wants an F1 career!


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