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IF Richard Childress was to start a new IRL team?...

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  • IF Richard Childress was to start a new IRL team?...

    with all the resources he has wouldn't it make sense for him to hire a 2-time series champion like Sam Hornish to build a team to startup around?

    In return, Sam gets to cherry-pick NASCAR races driving a 4th RCR entry.

    To me this is the most likely scenario...
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    I wish........
    Proud to be a complainer.


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      These articles about Hornish to Nascar keep popping up. Sure seems like Hornish and RC keeping giving strong hints. My guess he'll acquire a full time ride in WS with a clause of racing in the Indy 500 starting next year. Sam will be swimming breath strokes in a pool of money. I was assuming he would race for Penske's Nascar team, but after hearing Richard Childress talking with Panther Racing in possibly starting an IRL team, I kind of started getting suspicious. Watch he goes to TCGR's Nascar team. Ugggh!!


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        I tend to lean towards RCR (30 AOL car) and Childress was/is trying to keep a Panther connection for Sam's one-off @ Indy.

        I am in no way convinced that Childress will start an IRL Team. IF he becomes involved it will be the same way he did with Foyt & Menard.
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