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Et tu, Roger?

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  • Et tu, Roger?

    It's almost unthinkable that the most successful Indy Car team owner ever would raid the sport of it's brightest American star in a decade. Sure, Roger will run Hornish at Indy, but the loss of Sam as a full-time Indy Car driver is such a symbolic dagger in the heart of the league. Sam was the future of Indy Car racing, a driver who added such an air of electricity that will be nearly impossible to replace. His manuvering in traffic and ability to pass on the outside is unequaled in the sport.

    And the only thing I can think of is why all these egotistical rich men like couldn't have done something...anything to avoid that fateful May in 1996.
    "You make one **** of a caucasian Jackie." The Dude Lebowski

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    nothing personal

    just bidness.
    "Living well is the best revenge"

    George Herbert


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      Did you honestly think that Roger went to the IRL because he thought that was best for the sport?

      Roger cares about only one person - Roger.

      And if you think he's bad, take a close look at Chip Ganassi. He makes Roger look like an angel.


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        There are some differences. I was at Indy for Pole Day; it was darn cold, high 40s with a biting wind. I watched Roger in the pits all day and when it came time for Helio's run, he was up at the wave-off spot himself. When Helio finished, Roger jumped in the CART and headed down to shake his hand.

        Chip was hanging around the garage all day.

        I really think that Roger lives for those few weeks in May and that does affect how he conducts his business.


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