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Hangin' with Alex and Sam...

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  • Hangin' with Alex and Sam...

    I was in Kentucky for the race last weekend and of course went to the autograph session @ Belterra; which, BTW, was packed, and then afterwards went to take advantage of the free buffet in the hotel.

    This is why I love Indy Cars:
    While I was standing in line to get into the restaurant, Sam Hornish just walks by and goes into the restroom (la dee da, nobody even notices). The whole time I'm thinking "oh, well, that was just a fluke, he probably realized that he was walking with his back to the line of people so most (normal) people wouldn't recognize him (also, most people in the line were hotel guests, not IndyCar fans)"; so I continue to wait in line and don't give it a second thought, then, 5 minutes later, Buddy Lazier and his lovely wife and his son walk by so that they can look at the big aquarium which is built into the wall, and then they go into the restaurant ; again, I son't think much of it, I figure that unless you are an IRL fan theres no way you would have even noticed it was him, I continue to wait in line. Finally, I get into the
    restarurant and start gorging myself on crab legs and everything else. Then, on about my 6th crab leg run, I get in line at the crab leg area and who do I see in front of me but Sam; so, like any good race fan, I start a conversation (how do you think your new Fooooorrrddd!!! is going to work out for you, etc.) and then say bye and go sit back down. Later, when I'm on my way to the ice cream machine, I run into Alex Barron and we have a short convo.

    Anyway, the point of this story is that the Indy Car series has the best, most accesible, friendliest drivers of any major auto racing league. Not to mention they can put on an incredible, record breaking, safe race like on Sunday's.

    Thank you guys, my faith in IndyCar racing is restored.

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    You might have seen me but did not know I bet. I was with the bunch of IRL Crew people. I was the one Bob (Buddy's dad) talked to on their way back after looking at the fish and the one Flynn said bye to as they left (they did not have dinner there, I think Bob said they were staying there). We sat at the two booths near Sam's family and the ones holding the line up one time to get TommyDaComic enough time to get there.


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      Jewls, I saw a few people behind me in line with IRL Crew shirts on, were you one of them?


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