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  • What If????

    I heard some speculation that Buddy is done with Hemelgarn after today's race. For sake of discussion assume it is so.

    What if Ron offered that seat to Jaques Lazier.

    Would he take the seat?

    Should he?
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    ...probably be hard for any race driver to turn down a seat, any seat, especially when you're not driving. So would he take the seat?!?,...possibly depending on what big brothers departure involved and any advice he might have towards the situation.

    Should he take the seat?!,...again I guess alot would depend on all the underlying reasons for Buddy's departure.

    A simple NO isn't out of the question either.
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      I was actually thinking the opposite...with Vitor out perhaps Menard might look to Buddy?


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        It becomes harder with every poor performance to support Buddy's cause, but the in-car shots don't lie. That was one awful setup. Even back when they were winning the Hemelgarn car was usually stiff and twitchy, but that was ugly. Remember, the crew is only half the setup team though, the driver is the other.

        I would have to say that if Hemelgarn thought he need to make a change I would support it. As far as would he should he, if Buddy is gone anyway why shouldn't Jaques give it a try if asked. That said, I expect Buddy would tell his brother all the negatives, and I expect there are many.


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          One way only Buddy, would have to give Jaques, his full blessing and then it would still be a toss up. Jaques, needs to be in the top 20 points and right now he is not.


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