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Very impressed with Kanaan and Herta

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  • Very impressed with Kanaan and Herta

    And I'm not talking about just the racing.

    Brian Herta took the time on air to remember Anton Julian today. Apart and aside from his fine 3rd place finish, he is a great ambassador for the IRL, too.

    Tony K. pointedly put the oval racing critics at bay by telling them just how difficult this stuff is. I thought that showed total class on his part. He's quickly becoming one of the league's best assets.

    Both are what the "IRL family" needs. I hope they are around a long time.

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    I think Kanaan is very happy to be where he is.

    I think Herta is glad to be anywhere.

    Hertamania Baby!
    "Living well is the best revenge"

    George Herbert


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      Good observations. I wish I could have seen the interviews.

      Tony Kanaan would be welcome in any league I cheer for.

      'bird pretty well described Herta.
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        Yet another reason to not dislike a driver just because of where he raced previously.

        If you haven't been following these guys in Cart over the years, it's been your loss.


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          Yet another reason to not dislike a driver just because of where he raced previously.

          Or because of their nationality.....


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            Brian has done nothing but show class in the IRL. He was moved by his win and he has run well. He is an American driver ant some of those who might not like him are the ones that always call for Americans. Tony Kanaan has been an asset from day one. Now we hear that Mo Nunn is trying to put something together to run Barron when Giaffone returns. We now have a full field that could win with the exception of Little Foyt. At one point in the race 3 drivers were listed in the top ten in the fastest lap in the race category, Hornish, Dixon and Fisher! Too bad the season isn't just starting, this is one heck of a race series now!


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