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Urgent help about KY speedway

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  • Urgent help about KY speedway

    For whatever reason I cannot get the website to work. Can someone please tell me if backpacks are allowed? What can you use to carry scanners and such in?
    IRL, Champcar and F1 fan

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    Try this link:


    Some of the rules you need to know:

    Prohibited Items

    To ensure that all fans have a safe and enjoyable visit to the Kentucky Speedway™, the following items will not be permitted:

    Coolers of any size
    Illegal drugs
    Glass containers
    Folding chairs
    Alcoholic Beverages

    Noise makers, horns, helium balloons and beach balls
    Other items that in the judgment of Kentucky Speedway™ management pose a safety hazard or diminish the enjoyment of an event by other patrons.

    All carry-in bags, large purses, blankets, sleeping bags etc…are subject to search by Kentucky Speedway™ security personnel prior to entering the facility. Prohibited items or contraband that are discovered during security inspections at the Speedway entrances must either be returned to the owner's vehicle or discarded. Unlawful items that are discovered during security inspections will be reported to the police. Any prohibited item discovered inside the Kentucky Speedway™ are subject to confiscation.


    For your safety, comfort and in accordance with Kentucky Law, carry-in coolers are not permitted.


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      Thanks 56. I was hoping that they didn't have the same policies that MIS has. At MIS you have to have everything in a clear plastic bag. One thing of note that seems funny to me about KY speedway rules. You can bring in sleeping bags and backpacks and such but for the safety of others you cannot bring in a cooler of any size.
      IRL, Champcar and F1 fan


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        Glad you can't bring in folding chairs. Hate to see a WWE match break out. . .
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